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Anonymous Commenter on Forcing the Disabled Back to Work

Posted: February 22, 2014 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

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An anonymous commenter posted these interesting remarks on my piece on Atos’ lies and doubletalk. They make the very good point that the disabled have already been examined by their doctors and declared that they cannot work. He also points out, as I did in the original article, that the previous benefits to help the sick and disabled back into work have all been removed or cut. They say:

The nation-wide protests against Atos on Wednesday were covered ITV Meridian. They reported on demonstrations at Brighton and …

” ‘It’s right to see what work people can do with the right support, rather than write people off on out-of-work sickness benefits as sometimes happened in the past.’

“Well yes, absolutely. It’s a statement with which no-one can reasonably disagree.”

Sorry, I think I can reasonably disagree. Above all with the paternalism, the compulsion (and of course the lack of any…

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FINED by a Judge for failing to turn up for UNPAID WORK

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Diary of an SAH Stroke Survivor

This morning my Son pointed out something to me which he could not believe in the Court Round Up in the local Portsmouth News paper.

A young man of no fixed abode and thus effectively homeless which itself brings issues was


Yes that is right he was fined £250 plus £50 Court costs for failing to turn up for unpaid work.


Now this could be due to say failing to turn up to a previous order of say a Community Service Order but the article does not say that it clearly says UNPAID WORK.

The very thought you could be fined for failing to turn up for work and be FINED should send shivers down your spine and probe many to further research as I will but we should also take into accunt this man may very well already be under…

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Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

The coalition government has decided that more than half of Britain and two-thirds of England will be open to fracking despite compelling evidence the process may cause serious environmental, health and structural damage.

But now it seems insurers are starting to refuse to insure home owners against the affects of the damage – which can include flooding, earthquakes, land slips, sink holes and other serious problems.

Here’s the experience of one home owner who was recently refused coverage by two insurance companies from the possible affects of fracking:

Insurance shock for Wells home owners

The householder was refused coverage by the insurance companies despite no fracking licences yet being granted in the householders area. Simply the fact the area had been designated a suitable place for future exploration into shale gas extraction was enough.

So not only do we risk having our health, our…

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the void

atoskillsgraf French IT firm Atos saying they are planning to pull out of Work Capability Assessments, the shambolic and cruel tests designed to strip away benefits from sick and disabled people, is the most humiliating blow yet for Iain Duncan Smith’s bodged attempt at reforming social security.

In a stunning victory for campaigners, Atos say the Work Capability Assessment isn’t working, for them, claimants themselves and even the hapless DWP.  The attempt at early withdrawal from the contract comes just days after protests were held outside Atos assessment centres in towns and cities across the UK.

The astounding announcement also sheds new light on The Guardian story which revealed that the DWP were secretly plotting to get rid of Atos and bring in new contractors to run the tests.  There is truly no honour amongst these thieves as Atos and the DWP bicker in public about who dumped who first.  Meanwhile…

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