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Benefit tales

Jayson and Jacqueline Carmichael described the Court of Appeal’s decision to reject their case against the benefit reforms as ‘flabbergasting’

The husband and full-time carer of a woman with spina bifida yesterday branded themselves “political prisoners” of Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reform.

They also described the High Court’s rejection of their appeal as “flabbergasting”.

Jacqueline Carmichael, 42, uses a wheelchair, is unable to walk and needs an electronic mattress which helps alleviate bed sore pressure.

Her flat is so small that two beds cannot be squeezed together to allow her and her husband to sleep in the same room.

They have to pay an extra £56 a month even though her debilitating condition means the couple cannot physically share a bedroom.

They were one of the test cases which failed in the High Court appeal.

Husband Jayson, 52, told the Mirror: “We are truly gobsmacked. The High Court is trying…

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Care dot data

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A Better NHS

Care dot data

When you visit your GP, certain words are coded when they are added to your electronic record. will extract coded data only. The following is an example of GP consultation. I have written all the information that is coded, usually automatically as it is typed in, in bold:

Harold Smith. MaleD.o.B. 14/10/1948. NHS number 4744 4394 3205

Address: 30 Chester House. Hoxton N1 5HL

Ethnicity: white British. Religion: Catholic

Problem: Type 2 diabetes

History: since bereavement hasn’t been taking meds regularly, often misses doses, tired/ tearful.

No previous DKA/ last HbA1c 7.9

Has also been drinking up to bottle of wine at night to help with sleep, would like a few sleeping tabs. Has used them before when she was on ITU last year. No concerns r/e overuse. Discussed risks with alcohol. Prefers not to drink.

Plan: see other entries/ review at next apt…

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Farmers, floods, and fraud

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A good mixture of links this week in this, my 100th blog post. We start with the floods, and a reminder from George Monbiot that ‘cutting red tape’ can have unintended consequences:

How we ended up paying farmers to flood our homes

The Scottish Independence Referendum has been in the news this week and the debate is hotting up. Alex Salmond wants to keep the pound, but the three main UK parties have all (rightly) said no. Salmond has accused them of trying to scare people into voting no, but here’s why, for an independent Scotland, keeping the pound would be a very bad idea:

Scotland under Sterling is not truly independent

News now of the conviction of 4 A4e staff who claimed money fraudulently on one of A4e’s welfare to work contracts. This is what happens when ‘performance by results’ comes up against the reality of not enough jobs…

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The Demands of the Berlin Workers’ Central Committee

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Beastrabban\'s Weblog

1848 Revolution Germany

F.G. Nordmann: The Barricades on the Kronen- and Freidrichstrasse on the 18th March 1848 by an Eyewitness

I found this manifesto of the demands by the Berlin Workers’ Central Committee during the continental revolutions of 1848 in the ‘Vormarz’ volume of the anthologies of German literature published by Reclam. Although it was written over a century and a half ago in Germany, their demands are still acutely relevant to early 21st century Britain. Over half of the demands made by the Berlin workers have or are being attacked by the Cameron and Clegg. I thought that these demands were worth putting up here, both as an historical document showing the aspirations of 19th century German workers, and as a comment on the way the Coalition’s reactionary regime is trying to destroy everything that has been achieved to improve working peoples’ lives since then.

I last did German at school over…

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Atos Smears Disabled People for WCA Failure

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Benefit tales

It would have seemed hard for Atos to further worsen its appalling reputation on the Work Capability Assessment, but in a blatant PR puff-piece in the Financial Times it seeks to create an impression it wants to withdraw from the WCA because of repeated death threats to its staff by disabled campaigners.

 According to the FT “Atos Healthcare said the political environment had become untenable and that it was no longer fair to employees to leave them vulnerable to attack. ‘It is becoming incredibly difficult for our staff; it’s pretty unpleasant,’”
it’s pretty unpleasant’ seems rather ironic given the hundreds of thousands of disabled people repeatedly subjected to the incredibly distressing WCA by Atos.
Now death-threats are clearly unacceptable, but what is particularly interesting here is Atos have never before alleged their…

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Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets!

‘After only filing Connecticut Freedom Of Information requests about the alleged Sandy Hook ‘massacre’, School Safety expert Wolfgang W. Halbig (photo, above) was visited by homicide detectives warning him that if he keeps making inquiries he would suffer the legal consequences.

Halbig also discovered that the report on the Sandy Hook event was the first school shooting in US history to be sealed as ‘Classified’, held by the FBI. Smells like a cover-up.

The points brought up in this interview are some of the best ever on this subject.’



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Surveillance Deception Silent War of Domestic Spying!

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