A couple of weeks ago, the SKWAWKBOX covered the shameful, anti-democratic attempt by the right-wing, Progress/Labour First faction to rig Labour’s National Executive Council (NEC) against leader Jeremy Corbyn by crowbarring additional, unelected members onto the Council to cancel out Corbyn’s democratically-achieved majority on Labour’s principal steering body. This move amounted to a second, silent coup.

The attempt was temporarily successful, primarily because the Conference Chair ignored party rules to prevent a proper ballot on how the rule-change would be voted on. The SKWAWKBOX article closed by highlighting the step that Corbyn needed to take to undo the coup attempt:

If the measure passes a Conference vote, Jeremy Corbyn must take any actions necessary to negate it, whether that be shuffling people like Jon Ashworth, who has voted against Corbyn in every NEC vote, out so that they are removed from the equation and replaced by a better MP, or…

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The mass, opportunist resignation of right-wing Labour MPs (and those weak enough to be influenced by them) and the eventual leadership challenge that ensued will be well known to most readers, as will the fact that Corbyn was re-elected with an increased mandate – in spite of extensive gerrymandering via a huge purge of Corbyn supporters by the Labour ‘machine’ he inherited and has had to work with.

What may be less well-known to some is that only the day after his victory, his recidivist opponents in the PLP, the party structure and deposed members of the party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) launched a ‘silent coup‘, by ignoring party rules and Conference procedures to force through the appointment of two additional anti-Corbyn representatives to the NEC. The aim was to nullify Corbyn’s democratically-achieved majority on the NEC that took office after the conference closed – 6 new…

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Momentum NHS: campaigning for Labour to stand up and fight for our health service

corbynbmaNHS campaigners have launched the following statement in support of Jeremy Corbyn. It will be sent to the press later this week.

Please add your/your organisation’s name by filling in the form below.

You must be a Labour member or supporter to sign.

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Blairites FAKED ‘vermin’ t-shirt pic

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160628-blairite-vermin2nd edit: I had some comments saying the disturbed areas are just an effect of jpeg compression (and others from experienced designers saying it’s not), so – being a Corbyn fan and not a Blairite, and therefore keen to portray the truth accurately – I amended the text to reflect that. That said, I looked at dozens of high-contrast t-shirt jpegs that have none of the tell-tales described below. And now I’ve come across another article that seems to show beyond doubt, with a proper ‘error level analysis’, that the area with the text has been tampered with in a way that no other part of the image has:

fake-teeshirt-error-level-analysisSo the original point stands beyond question.

This is my first post on the SKWAWKBOX blog in well over a year. These days my time is taken up almost entirely by running a business and being a grandad, so with regret…

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the void

class-war-500The pampered middle classes of the so-called left are furious.  “Racists” they spit from their white only enclaves whilst Eastern Europeans on the minimum wage clean up their shit in the background.  How dare the poor not vote the way the privileged demanded.  What betrayal, they rage, that those with nothing might have put house prices, foreign holidays and cheap au pairs at risk.

The likelihood of course is that none of those things are will be significantly  affected.  There will certainly be no forced deportations or militarised borders.  The negotiations to leave the EU will be a swamp that may yet end more political careers. Up to two million UK citizens living in the EU is a big bargaining chip for the Brussels bureacrats.  No dramatic change is coming overnight.

But even the merest chance that that just for once politics might actually affect them is enough to send…

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Politics and Insights

maximus-logoYes, but which people?

The National Audit Office (NAO) scrutinises public spending for Parliament and is independent of government. An audit report earlier this month concluded that the Department for Work and Pension’s spending on contracts for disability benefit assessments is expected to double in 2016/17 compared with 2014/15. The government’s flagship welfare-cut scheme will be actually spending more money on the assessments themselves than it is saving in reductions to the benefits bill – as
Frances Ryan pointed out in the Guardian, it’s the political equivalent of burning bundles of £50 notes.

The report also states that only half of all the doctors and nurses hired by Maximus – the US outsourcing company brought in by the Department for Work and Pensions to carry out the assessments – had even completed their training.

The NAO report summarises:

Million assessments completed in five years up to March 2015

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A Poem for the New Year

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Here’s a piece of doggerel I thought up which expressed my political hopes for the coming year. In 2016 one goal Kick the Tories’ backsides ’til they glow! Happy New Year everyone!

Source: A Poem for the New Year

Northerners Are Superstars

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The Northern flooding events have happened on a quick timescale and have caught many people, especially the politicians, on the hop

Unprecedented levels of flooding have occurred in Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire during the festive season

The amazing spirit and tenacity of Northern folk working together in communities have once again shamed the politicians who dither whilst real people get on with it supporting each other

These events have to be a catalyst for a transformation of epic proportions of the way we do business, the way our democracy works and a catalyst for a clean, green North that starts today

No longer can we tolerate any polluting industry in the North, we have to work using the precautionary principle at all levels of business

And no longer can we be palmed off with a “Northern Powerhouse” that is literally sinking in the water!

As people all…

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Why can’t our Prime Minister answer our questions?

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Political Evolution

Not only was today a victory for Jeremy Corbyn, but it was a victory for the people of Britain. We have a government that is doing all it can to take part in the distribution of wealth. A distribution of taking from the poorest and most needy, and giving it to the wealthiest and most greedy. They call this Austerity. They say that our country has to save money, they say that we are living beyond our means, they say that they have to make ‘hard decisions’ in order to help our country. Lies, deception and utter greed. Their first attempt to institute this upwards distribution of wealth was the tax credit cuts that were unjustly pushed through the commons and amazingly defeated in the Lords. This was obviously a way of punishing the working poor for being poor. However, after the defeat of this bill by the peers, the…

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Source: John McDonnell’s letter to George Osborne shows just who the real worker’s party is