Young Turks Promotional Video Calls Out Mainstream Media Propaganda

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The American internet news show, The Young Turks, has been running ads and sequences asking for people to support them financially by becoming members. This is one of those, a three minute or so video in which they appeal for members to support them in their attack on the mainstream media. I’m putting it up here not because I intend to become a member, although I do watch many of their videos. I’m putting it up here because they call and show mainstream news for what it is: propaganda. They say so in the video’s title, and the video consists of speeches and pieces by Cenk Uygur and the other hosts, intercut with montages from Fox news and the other channels making extremely mistaken predictions, or simply blatant lies.

The Young Turks aren’t the only left-wing or progressive internet news show. There are a number on the other side of…

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Benefit tales

From Kate Belgrave’s  blog

This story will give you an idea of some of the reasons why people can end up with rent arrears when they’re trying to set up a Universal Credit claim.

It should also give you an idea why some jobcentre meetings drive me to the brink.


I recently attended a meeting at Croydon jobcentre with a woman who has been trying to sort out the housing component of her Universal Credit claim for several months (I’ve posted a short transcript from the meeting below).

You’ll see from the transcript that the meeting was ludicrous.

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It’s all over the news today that Surrey County Council (SCC), which covers some of the richest areas in the country, is to ballot its residents about a 15% increase in their council tax.

surreyBBC News has been all over it, giving prominent airtime to a representative of the council, who told the interviewer that the move is about ‘integrity’ and being able to maintain even the basic services they have a statutory obligation to provide, such as care for the disabled and for children:

We’ve got to protect our children.

Quite so.

But it’s interesting that BBC News and other media are taking notice of this case, in a rich Tory county that has suffered only a fraction of the cuts that have hit much poorer areas.

SCC, according to its leader, has suffered a £170 million cut since the Tories moved into Downing Street in 2010.

But Liverpool

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The SKWAWKBOX has covered events in Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) at length and will continue to do so until the ridiculous abuse of members there stops – which, sadly, doesn’t look likely to be anytime soon.

Just over the river Mersey, in Liverpool’s Riverside CLP, similar events – based on similarly spurious allegations – have been unfolding.

The CLP has been under investigation by the NEC’s ‘disputes panel’ (NECDP) because of politically-driven accusations of antisemitism against a number of members – including Jewish members. A report of the NECDP’s investigation is due imminently and based on the stitch-up in Wallasey, not much hope is held that either its analysis or its conclusions will be fair.

However, the lack of a direct source inside the party who has felt able to speak freely has prevented this blog from covering the situation in any detail. Until now. Sources have come forward…

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‘Running rings round the MSM’ – the SKWAWKBOX needs your help

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Since this blog began in 2012 it’s never been intended as a commercial venure and still isn’t – any adverts you might see are put there by WordPress in return for providing the blog platform.

It’s a labour of love and of a passion to get the word out on things you won’t hear in the mainstream media and still is – but it takes a lot of time to research, prepare and write.

Now a combination of various changes of circumstance has led to the need to generate some regular funds and kind regular readers may be able to help.

The SKWAWKBOX is looking to find a group of people who are willing and able to contribute a few pounds a month to support the work. The blog will remain, as ever, free to read for anyone who visits.

A lot of readers of this blog are facing their own tough circumstances, so nobody should…

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From tomorrow, Monday, the 23 January 2017 social housing dies as every housing association and council landlord in the UK will say NO DSS and refuse to accommodate families and directly because of…

Source: RIP Social Housing Monday 23 Jan 2017