Journal NHS Day of Action Saturday 28th February 2015

Coordinated By 38 DEGREES.

All 38 Degrees members, NHAP, KOPP Activists, Supporters

We got ourselves ready, this morning the Alarm went off at 8am, Coffee & Meds.

There was rain in the air and high winds not the best day for a Campaign, but we MUST soldier on. We were ready and called Taxi for all our table, chair and petition packs etc, the taxi driver was very interested in our local cause and NHS Day of Action.

We got dropped off by the Brasseries in the Market Square, just the right distance nearest to Starbucks Coffee and under the Covert as it was still raining at that point.

Once we got to our meeting point outside the Dreaded Starbucks, who happened to not pay there taxes for 13 years, so was the perfect meeting point. We must have arrived about 10:30am and set up in between the pillars out side Starbucks to the left as the rain was being blown everywhere. Several 38 Members started arriving, who were due by 11:00am, who started to join us. Lizzie P & Felicity, then Ewan and Richard etc…Dr Clio Bellenis, and more just arrived. Getting to know everyone’s name’s we greeted and welcomed.

We had set up the table, put out the clipboards, pens, fliers etc…we had one of our kindly fellow activist who offered for us to hold up one of his homemade placards which read SAVE OUR NHS 38 DEGREES. So once we had all arrived there were about 23-25 of us. Most of us who RSVP’d the event were sent there 38 Degrees Save Our NHS Petition Packs but we had quite and few petition sheets, fliers etc…we brought along extra clipboards with pens just incase. It was time to spread ourselves out up and down the high street, some outside MacDonalds etc… Some families got involved, especially one family their two young boys went round with their I LOVE NHS and SAVE OUR NHS posters. Everyone just kept coming back for more petition sheets and fliers. But it was darn cold, freezing cold.

At 11am Duncan Geddes, Junior Reporter for the Hampshire Chronicle our main Local Winchester Area Newspaper, Daily ECHO, came to cover our NHS Day of Action, whilst taking Interviews from some of the NHS Dr’s & Staff from our local hospital RHCH – Royal Hants County Hospital who had come to join us and 38 Degrees members. It was great to meet Duncan Geddes who wanted to know what exactly what we were campaigning for, Duncan had a good chat with myself, Josh and Dr Clio Bellenis and others as we had three very important NHS staff campaigning with us who were putting their story across and putting straight the myths and lies by the Tory government and of this city, of whats actually going on within the NHS.

After Duncan had made all his notes he rallied us together to try to get a group photograph, most of us were there, other from a gatecrasher, you always get one after their own agenda. A photo was taken to go with the press release taken, excellent.

By then the wind was getting rougher by about 1.50pm half had already had to go as it was getting very much colder and wet even though the sun came out for a short while, we decided it was time to wrap it up for the day for at 2pm, we started packing up and Ewan kindly said he would give a lift back to Stanmore.

Before then gradually people were going about 1.30pm as it had become way to cold to stay out in the cold, there were three of us with Joint Disabilities. Everyone did extremely well we collected 625 signatures in 3 hours 11.00am-2.00pm. A massive big warm thank you for all your support, kind help and the lift back.

We got in dumped everything and had a mug of Hot Chocolate and thawed out and generally warmed up, my feet I couldn’t feel my toes, with two pairs of socks and boots. Josh’s shoulders and legs and both our backs too in so much pain. We were so glad we left when we did. It took us at least 3-4 days in payback to get over the pain but it was so well worth it. We were so very tired and took meds that was it out for the count. Our baby girl Daisy May puss cat had missed us and was glad we got home, bless her.

Later we counted all the petition sheets with signatures. We started to upload as many signatures as we could to the main Save Our NHS Petition between 1:00hrs – 6:00hrs, we eventually feel asleep. I LOVE NHS.

It was a pleasure to work with so many lovely people we should all be in AWE and PROUD of the Efforts we made this Saturday THANK YOUxx

Thank you Also 38 DEGREES for giving us our VOICE to have OUR SAY, especially on such an Important Cause and Very Close to Our Heart Looking after our NHS to SAVE & DEFEND our NHS.



‘To ALL Parliamentary Candidates standing to be An MP in the 2015 General Election on 7th May.

Our NHS is Precious. Please do everything you can to Protect it.

* STOP Privatisation

* Make sure it has enough funding to provide High Quality healthcare to Evryone

* Protect it from US health Corporations by keeping the NHS Out of TTIP

Use this form to collect signatures for your local Save Our NHS Petition.

If you need more petitions print them out here


To upload the names of the people who have signrd this petition, go to this website


It took us from early hours Sunday morning to early hours Tuesday morning

the Total Signatures uploaded was 625!!!!

Awesome indeed!!

The total Petition Signatures taken over 700 towns and Cities across UK was Half a Million just in ONE DAY!!!!

Sending a very clear message to the Government, MPs, Candidates.

All the Petition Signatures will go the the House of Commons for Debate.

The Deadline for all petition names to be uploaded being the 6th March 2015.

We now need to upload some pics from across the country and to find out when the signatures will be taken to Each Cadidate and MP and House of Commons.



Lizzie & Joshua Christian


6th March 2015.

Protest in Winchester to highlight threat to NHS

Protest to highlight threat to NHS

Protest to highlight threat to NHS

First published Friday 27 February 2015 in Winchester

A DAY of action is being held in Winchester tomorrow to highlight dangers to the NHS.

The day, coordinated by campaign group 38 Degrees, will be held outside Starbucks Coffee, High Street, Winchester at 11am.

Nearly 870 people in the area have signed a petition to all of the candidates standing to be an MP in Winchester & Chandlers Ford in May’s general election.

The petition asks each candidate to commit to protect the NHS from privatisation, make sure it has the funding it needs, and keep the NHS out of the TTIP trade deal with the US.

Elizabeth Christian, of Octavia Hill, Stanmore, said: “Our NHS is precious. We all need the NHS at our best and worst moments in life. We rely on it and our loved ones. We want to protect it for the future and for our children’s future, and we don’t want to see it run down or sold off with the TTIP.

“That’s why I’ll be going out this Saturday to spread the word about our campaign and collect signatures on our local petition. Winchester’s day of action will show our MP candidates that if they want to sell off or run down our NHS, they’ll have a fight on their hands.”

Campaign to protect NHS from trade deal comes to Winchester amid privatisation fears

38Degrees campaigners in Winchester High Street on Saturday

38Degrees campaigners in Winchester High Street on Saturday

First published Saturday 28 February 2015 in News

Hampshire Chronicle: Photograph of the Author by Duncan Geddes, Reporter (Hampshire Chronicle)

HEALTH activists have warned that the NHS is under threat at a day of action in Winchester.

Around 20 campaigners braved the rain on Saturday to spread concerns about privatisation of services and a US trade deal which they say will take healthcare out of public control.

They waved placards and collected signatures in the High Street as part of national action by campaign group 38 Degrees.

Nearly 1,000 people in the area have signed a petition calling on Winchester’s parliamentary candidates to vote against privatisation, protect funding and keep health out of a transatlantic trade deal known as TTIP.

Dr Clio Bellenis, clinical director of Hampshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, said the threat to the NHS was “terrifying”.

“I’m fed up of it being used as an ideological football,” she said.

“People have taken it for granted for such a long time.

“We’re always being told that we’ve got to try and copy other systems. There must be ideological reasons for it.”

The group also shared concerns about what they said was creeping privatisation of local health care and suppression of whistleblowers.

Campaigner Josh Christian warned that TTIP will allow private companies to sue governments for profits lost from their policies.

“It takes public services out of government control and gives it to corporations, so corporations run the country not the government,” he said.

“Everything we can think of will be privatised, it will be sold off.

“It’s all been done by stealth,” he said. “Most people don’t know about it.”

He added that a new emergency hospital to be built between Winchester and Basingstoke could eventually be privatised.

NHS Day of Action-Winchester

4 people have RSVP’d to this event
Sat 18th Apr 2015, 11:00am
Outside Starbucks Coffee, High Street, Winchester, Hants

Our last push before the General Election 7th May 2015. People of Winchester are starting to WAKE UP, but they need open their eyes further. The Tories have supressed the truths concerning the NHS and we need to Stand firm right across the Country this one last time before the GE. The politicians and our MP’S have the POWER to Stop the privitisation and selling of the TTIP. We the PEOPLE have the POWER TO STOP and get them to commit to saving and protecting the funding for and the NHS. We have to SAVE & DEFEND our beloved NHS. For our Communities and for the next Generation. So let’s get there and do this.

The NHS has been part of our lives for 67 years, but now it’s make or break. The NHS isn’t getting the cash it needs. And the government is letting money-hungry private companies carve out profits from treating the sick.



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