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Labour refuses to say how it will enforce social media policy

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lab smp qOn Wednesday, the SKWAWKBOX published an analysis of Labour’s latest social media policy, highlighting both the unarguable validity of its principles and the serious concerns about how it will be applied.

And enforced.

At the beginning of this month, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that Labour’s General Secretary Iain McNicol had issued guidance to staff and officers indicating that trawling Labour members’ social media feeds for disciplinary purposes constitutes a breach of the DPA (Data Protection Act) because, as a ‘Data Controller’ under the Act, it does not have permission from the members to use their data for that purpose.

So the obvious question is this: How will Labour enforce its policy?

Even if we assume that Labour’s largely right-leaning HQ will apply the policy fairly, how can it discipline a member for something said on social media if it can’t legally use what members say on social media?

So we asked…

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Tory front-bencher Andrea Leadsom has been the subject of much mirth since she called Jane Austen ‘one of our greatest living authors’ in the Commons yesterday during a discussion of the new ten-pound note, which features the famous writer – who died two hundred years ago this week:

Lots of merriment all round, but a special prize has to go to bookseller Waterstones for a world-class piece of trolling of the hapless politician:

wstones leadsomSadly there’s also an all too tragic aspect to this amusing slip. Jane Austen may be the only person the Tories have judged fit to work after she died, but every month people are dying shortly after being found fit for work by the Tories’ malevolent and arbitrary ‘work capability assessment’.

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Shocking footage has emerged of a disabled protestor being dragged from his wheelchair during a protest at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site in Lancashire.

Navy veteran Nick Sheldrick, who is paralysed from the waist down, was part of a group of protestors when police – witnesses say they were not from the local force – arrived en masse, apparently to escort lorries entering and leaving the site.

In video taken by other protestors, Mr Sheldrick tries to move his wheelchair into the lane to prevent the passage of a lorry and police run to pull him out of the way of it – but in the process appear to do more than was necessary, tipping him out of his chair onto the road.

The lorry is at some distance when Sheldrick starts to cross the centre line, but three officers run to intercept him and two of them tip his…

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young lab.pngOn Tuesday this week, Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) met. Tucked away on the fourth of five pages of a report of the meeting by an NEC member is an innocuous-seeming passage that holds the key to the latest attempt by the Labour right to rig the party’s power-structures against the wishes of the membership:

National Youth Policy Conference 14th/15th October

A paper was presented which outlined that the delegates to this youth policy conference must be under the age 27 at the beginning of the conference, with the sole exception of serving members of the Young Labour National Committee.

All delegations must be gender balanced. There are 303 delegate seats to allocate. There were various proposals for how the seats allocated to the young members’ section should be chosen.

For example, ballot of all young members within regions and nations, or alternatively first-come-first-served. It was felt that this issue…

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SKWAWKBOX is front-page news – again

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The Murdoch press can’t seem to make its mind up about the SKWAWKBOX.

A couple of weeks ago, the S*n decided to follow the Mail Online in publishing an attack article against the SKWAWKBOX and its editor – and ended up having to make an embarrassing retraction for false claims. Some of the claims have not yet been retracted, so the situation is ongoing.

Today, another branch of the group mentioned this blog on its front page as the underpinning for a laughably-slanted article about a ‘hard left’ plot against Tom Watson – when in fact, a challenge to Tom Watson’s deputy leadership by Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry would merely be the exercise of Labour’s democratic processes:

times sbox

The Times covered the news revealed by the SKWAWKBOX of re-emerging reports of a challenge by Ms T – on which more to follow shortly.

Maybe the Times learned a lesson from…

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Watson considering picking up Dep Leader challenge gauntlet?

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thornberry watsonAs the SKWAWKBOX reported last week, Emily Thornberry is said to be moving closer to triggering a contest for the deputy leadership of the Labour Party after a rousing response to her outstanding performance at PMQs when she stood in for Jeremy Corbyn because Theresa May was absent.

The #Emily4Deputy hashtag first trended on social media in late March, when news of preparations for a challenge first broke, and there is significant support. Even in March, Ms Thornberry was understood to have 35 or 36 nominations by MPs/MEPs lined up – enough to stand if the post was vacant, but short of the fifty or so required to force a contest against an incumbent.

However, the equation has shifted since the General Election and Ms Thornberry is said to be very close to the (now 57) nominations she would need to force a contest whether Mr Watson wants one or…

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Former Labour Chief Whip Hilary Armstrong has made a clumsy attempt in Saturday’s Guardian to guilt supporters of Jeremy Corbyn into abandoning hopes of democratically deselecting obstructive MPs – by claiming that Tony Blair saved the Labour leader from a similar fate:

corbyn blair guardian.pngAccording to the Guardian,

Armstrong tells The Westminster Hour on BBC Radio 4 that Blair ruled out the move, taking the view that the party was “a broad church” and could “tolerate that level of difference”, despite Corbyn’s fierce and persistent criticism of his administration.

This leads the newspaper to describe Blair as Corbyn’s “highly surprising secret benefactor”.

A little history is inconvenient for this version of events.

In 2004, there were moves to arrange the ‘show trial’ deselection of MPs considered to be troublesome – or showing ‘serial disloyalty’ as it was described – to then-PM Blair, including one Jeremy Corbyn. A senior Labour source at the…

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