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Blairites FAKED ‘vermin’ t-shirt pic

Posted: July 24, 2016 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized


160628-blairite-vermin2nd edit: I had some comments saying the disturbed areas are just an effect of jpeg compression (and others from experienced designers saying it’s not), so – being a Corbyn fan and not a Blairite, and therefore keen to portray the truth accurately – I amended the text to reflect that. That said, I looked at dozens of high-contrast t-shirt jpegs that have none of the tell-tales described below. And now I’ve come across another article that seems to show beyond doubt, with a proper ‘error level analysis’, that the area with the text has been tampered with in a way that no other part of the image has:

fake-teeshirt-error-level-analysisSo the original point stands beyond question.

This is my first post on the SKWAWKBOX blog in well over a year. These days my time is taken up almost entirely by running a business and being a grandad, so with regret…

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