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The s-word

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Guts of a Beggar


Once upon a time, not so long ago, it was perfectly respectable to call oneself a socialist. It was a badge that one might wear with pride alongside the likes of Albert Einstein, George Orwell and Bertrand Russell. Nowadays, for reasons we’ll come to in a moment, to call oneself a socialist is to risk being perceived as some sort of cartoon amalgam of Arthur Scargill, Wolfie Smith, Derek Hatton, and Rik from The Young Ones. I have a neighbour who thinks it hilarious to tell people as a matter of routine that I am a fan of Joseph Stalin. Happily, I know that you’re not that stupid, so here goes.

I am a socialist. By that I mean that I believe in the socialism of Bevan and Beveridge, the socialism that gave us nationalised utilities, the NHS and the welfare state. Over the past couple of decades, since…

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An Open Letter to Progress and Labour First

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Solidarity, Well said!

Labour First, Last & Always

Dear Powers that would be Powerful

It is about time that YOU woke up.  Your negative campaigning is bringing the party into disrepute and your underhand tactics as exampled by your ABC stance show you up perfectly.

 Your patronising ‘my way or the highway ‘approach to politics is further evidenced by Tony Blair saying he would not stand on a left wing platform even if it was the winning one.  I am so fed up with the ‘Look what Tony Blair did in 1997’ rhetoric. 

You all know that a trained chimp could have been leading the party and won then because the Tories were in such disarray having had scandal after scandal sweep through their party.  Voters took comfort in voting for what seemed a safe option until all the trouble died down; they then went back to their roots. 

Unless a similar set of circumstances happen again you…

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