THE NHS (REINSTATEMENT) BILL 2015 Supported by NHS KONP Keep Our NHS Public/Doctors for the NHS Service Not Profit

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 ‘Why you need to approach your candidates in the general election’.

The NHS is being taken apart Brick by Brick 

In the future, If you get Ill…

Get ready to pay for your own treatment!

The Health and Social Care Act removed the Secretary of State’s legal duty to provide hospitals, ambulances, nursing and medical services…and more.

This is the endgame for the NHS in England. In our lifetime it is being quietly dismantled, brick by brick. There will never be a moment when it is announced as pricvatised, but one day we will turn around and it will be gone.

If we believe the NHS is worth keeping, we need to reverse the Health and Social Care Act. We need legislation to reinstate the duty to provide care: The NHS (Reinstatement) Bill 205.



The NHS (Reinstatement) Bill 2015 will restore the NHS to its proper place and prevent further damage to the NHS by:

1.  Reinstating the government’s legal duty to provide key NHS services in England.

2.  Abolishing market structures like foundation trusts.

3.  Abolishing competition and contracts.

4. Centralising PFI debt to protect individual trusts from its Impact.

5.  Stopping Immigration health charges.

6.  Stopping treaties like the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) without Parliament’s approval  if they cover the NHS.

7. Establishing area Health Boards   from the bottom up.

8. Re-establishing Community Health Councils for public accountability.

9. Requiring national terms and conditions under the NHS Staff Council and Agenda for Change system.



Contact the candidates who are standing in your constituency. Ask them whether they will support the NHS (Reinstatement) Bill 2015. You can find out who they are at:

Until we know the outcome of the General Election, we are not asking you to contact your parliamentary candidates.

However, if you would like to support the campaign please:

Let the Campaign know what they say:

If enough people ask, MPs will know they can’t Ignore us!


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