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TTIP stands for Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: It is also known as the
US/EU Trade Deal. This trade deal is being negotiated behind closed doors in secret
meetings between EU ministers and their US counterparts and as a result it has the
potential to open up all public services to tender to the highest bidder. Also, our
regulatory powers will be severely restricted or swept aside altogether in pursuit of
profit for the corporations involved. The corporations involved want the regulatory
powers in the EU harmonised with the US but what it really means is our regulations
regarding health, environment and so on could be cast aside in order for the deal to
go ahead.

Another aspect of the TTIP is what is known as ISDS – Investor State Dispute
Settlement. What this piece of legislation will do is to give corporations the power to
sue sovereign nation states over potential loss of profits, now and in the future. For
example, Swedish firm Vattenfall is trying to sue the German government for deciding
to turn its back on nuclear power and embrace green energy after what happened in
Japan with the Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power plant in March 2011.

Regarding the NHS, this trade deal will open up ALL sectors to be privatised. Everything
will be put under threat; Cancer care, A&E, Outpatients etc. These are just to name a
few but the end result will in an Americanised Health Service where the poorest and
most vulnerable in society will be left on the side-lines while corporations fight over
which parts they want to cherry pick and which ones to leave.

Everything that we hold so dear in this country will be gone. Tighter surveillance laws
giving agencies such as the NSA and others the ability to spy on us. The right to Trade
Unions will be diminished if not got rid of, employment rights curtailed or swept aside
in pursuit of profit. The list goes on.

Is this what we really want? Do we really want or need this trade deal? The choice is
yours. You can remain indifferent to it or you can stand up and be counted.
USE YOUR VOTE WISELY. Cameron and his party have numerous vested interests if the
NHS was privatised. They stand to make quite a lot of money as a result.

Copyrighted (c) April 2015 Lizzie & Joshua Christian


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