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NHS Day of Action-Winchester

Come and Join us 38 Degrees members out on the streets in your town, villages and cities to collect signatures to help Save Our NHS…we collected over half a million signatures in February over 700 towns villages. 11,000 38 Degrees members met up and down the country.

Just think to how many signatures we collected, we need 1 Million Signatures to take to every MP in this country and to the house of commons for  to ask each MP to Commit to Stopping the SELL OFF TO TTIP US America Trade Deal.

So if you have a couple of hours spare on Saturday come join us in a meeting place near you, check on our website

7 people have already RSVP’d to this event
Sat 25th Apr 2015, 11:00am
Outside Starbucks Coffee, High Street, Winchester, Hants

Our last push before the General Election 7th May 2015. People of Winchester are starting to WAKE UP, but they need open their eyes further. The Tories have supressed the truths concerning the NHS and we need to Stand firm right across the Country this one last time before the GE. The politicians and our MP’S have the POWER to Stop the privitisation and selling of the TTIP. We the PEOPLE have the POWER TO STOP and get them to commit to saving and protecting the funding for and the NHS. We have to SAVE & DEFEND our beloved NHS. For our Communities and for the next Generation. So let’s get there and do this.

These are our main key points:

* Saving Our NHS

* No To Cuts, No To Privatisation, No To Sell Off To EU – US Trade Deal TTIP & ISDS

* Put a STOP to the Privatisation of the NHS

* Make sure it has the funding it needs to provide High Quality Healthcare

* Protect it from US Health Corporations by Keeping the NHS Out of the Trade Deal with America

* Put a STOP to the growing power of corporations, this power would be increased by the ISDS mechanism of TTIP.

* Patients NOT Customers, Public Service NOT Private Profit.



The NHS has been part of our lives for 67 years, but now it’s make or break. The NHS isn’t getting the cash it needs. And the government is letting money-hungry private companies carve out profits from treating the sick.
Lizzie & Joshua Christian
38 Degree