Another Cameron Aide on Child Abuse Charges

Posted: January 19, 2015 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

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Mike over at Vox Political reports that another of David Cameron’s aides, Douglas Richard, has been arrested on the charge of raping a 13 year old girl, a charge he strenuously denies. This follows the arrest last year of Patrick Rock for possession of indecent images of children. Rock also denies the charges, and is currently on bail until February 27th. The article’s entitled ‘History repeats itself: ANOTHER Cameron advisor arrested over child sex’, and is at

Both these men are, under British law, innocent until proven guilty. Nevertheless it does appear that there is a deeply unpleasant culture of sexual exploitation and assault at Westminster. Quite apart from the continuing paedophile abuse investigations, which have seen a dossier of 22 MPs passed on to the police, some of whom may have murdered two boys, one Asian, the other White, and a Lambeth council worker, simply for knowing too…

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