Burger King Brighton Asks Disabled Man To Pay For Toilet Use

Posted: January 11, 2015 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

Same Difference

Of course disabled people and pregnant women should be exempt from any payment policy for toilets, in any restaurant. And to make it even worse, Burger King refuse to apologise!

A DISABLED man was banned from using the toilets at a fast-food restaurant.

Shaun Thorogood, 30, who has cerebral palsy, is the latest customer to tell The Argus they were refused entry to the loos at the Burger King restaurant in North Street, Brighton.

However, the fast-food giant has refused to apologise to the family.

Shaun’s mother, Wendy Thorogood, came forward after reading about pregnant Karen Gunner, who featured in The Argus after being refused use of the toilets at the city centre restaurant.

Mrs Thorogood and her son visited the burger bar – entering through the Duke Street entrance – but a security guard refused to let them enter the toilets unless they paid £1.

Mrs Thorogood said: “Shaun…

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