Whizz-Kidz urges disabled people to rate and review wheelchair services, in ‘world first’ website

Posted: November 11, 2014 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

Dame Anne Begg

In a world first, a pioneering new facility dubbed ‘TripAdvisor for wheelchair services’ aiming to give disabled people a voice to rate and review their experiences, is being backed by national disability charity Whizz-Kidz.

Disabled people unhappy with the wheelchair service they get, who have had to endure lengthy waits, or those wanting to praise a service that’s helped them can now do just that – anonymously – on patient experience website www.iwantgreatcare.org.

Whizz-Kidz is proud to support and encourage users to engage with the new service, with CEO Ruth Owen OBE claiming it will paint a true picture of the experiences of wheelchair users across the UK:

‘Whizz-Kidz knows from listening to the young people and their families who have to turn to us, that in many areas wheelchair users have lengthy waits and often aren’t given appropriate equipment by their local NHS wheelchair service,’ she said.


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