Disabled campaigner and husband say they are ‘political prisoners’ of the hated Bedroom Tax

Posted: February 22, 2014 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

Benefit tales

Jayson and Jacqueline Carmichael described the Court of Appeal’s decision to reject their case against the benefit reforms as ‘flabbergasting’

The husband and full-time carer of a woman with spina bifida yesterday branded themselves “political prisoners” of Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reform.

They also described the High Court’s rejection of their appeal as “flabbergasting”.

Jacqueline Carmichael, 42, uses a wheelchair, is unable to walk and needs an electronic mattress which helps alleviate bed sore pressure.

Her flat is so small that two beds cannot be squeezed together to allow her and her husband to sleep in the same room.

They have to pay an extra £56 a month even though her debilitating condition means the couple cannot physically share a bedroom.

They were one of the test cases which failed in the High Court appeal.

Husband Jayson, 52, told the Mirror: “We are truly gobsmacked. The High Court is trying…

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  1. slap7 says:

    The reduction in housing benefit for spare rooms is the right policy. It’s not as if people are being asked to pay the full rent, just a contribution.

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