This is the Copy of theReply From No. 10 Downing Street : Re: The Letter we sent to Mr Cameron PM on the 24/01/2014 We received today 17/02/2014

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Today my fiancé and I received this in the post after sending a letter to David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith and Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General on 24th January 2014.

Letter from 10 Downing Street (2)




From The Direct Communications Unit

13 February 2014

Mr Joshua Christian

48 Octavia Hill



 SO22 4QU

Dear Mr Christian

Thank you and Miss Feeney for contacting the Prime Minister. Mr Cameron very much appreciates you taking the time and trouble to get in touch. I hope that you will appreciate that as the Department for Work and Pensions is best placed to respond to the matters you raise, I am forwarding your letter to them so that they may reply to you directly.


Yours sincerely


 Correspondence Officer

Here is the letter we sent to Mr David Cameron 24/01/2014…

Dear Mr Cameron

Today I find myself writing to you as an exasperated disabled ex-Carer in the NHS, who, at 51 years of age is unemployable due to chronic nerve pain and excessive nerve damage, besides degenerative and crumbling discs in my lower and cervical spine.

I was forced to give up my career in the Caring Profession due to severe recurring back injuries in 2006. Over the years the discs in my lower back and cervical spine have rapidly deteriorated and has become debilitating to the extent that it has become life changing, with very limited and poor movement and unable to carry out the smallest of domestic daily tasks.

After many years of extensive, intensive treatment and physiotherapy, as well as traction, I am now awaiting an appointment for a major operation on my cervical spine. My spine will never recover no matter what the miracle curing hands of ATOS may say. I will never be able to go into conventional work which is heart-breaking as I have worked since I left school in 1978, a career spanning over 28 years plus 7 years within our beloved NHS, a respected institution known throughout the world, within which myself and my mother and her mother have worked with pride.

I say to you that I am NOT a “Scrounger or Striver” as you constantly lead the people of this shattered country to believe. The damage which this rhetoric has caused is immense, inhumane and irreparable.

To the poor, sick, disabled, vulnerable people of this country which you and your cruel, draconian, conservative government refuse to comprehend and are in denial. We, being my fiancé and I, are severely disabled as are many thousands of others who have been victimised, bullied, and hounded to the point of suicide by you and your government.

With this in mind, we and the thousands of poor, sick, disabled, the unemployed, low paid families, terminally ill people in this country need you to answer these questions in full!!

Do you feel the benefit system in the UK is fit for purpose? What problems does it have and how could it be improved?

Do you think ATOS should continue to administer the work capability assessments and does the number of decisions overturned on appeal worry you? Do you believe ATOS should be fined for their performance delivering public services?

Do you support the implementation of an Unconditional Basic Income granted to all citizens? Could you explain your position and what kind of evidence would prompt you to change your mind?

Do you know how many suicides took place in 2013 linked to the administration of benefits in the UK? How many suicides could take place in a year before you would call for an urgent review of the administration of benefits in the UK?

What do you feel are the function of benefits in a society? Which is the greater problem in society, benefit fraud or tax evasion? Have you even claimed benefits? Does anybody in your family?
Do you believe there is a relationship between income inequality and social problems such as violent crime, obesity, mortality, health, literacy, drug addiction and family breakdown? Are you committed to reducing income inequality and how would you go about it?
Have you or anyone in your family ever lived in a council property? Do you support the bedroom tax? Many people have called for this to be banned, including Raquel Rolnik from the United Nations.

What will it take for all of this to be stopped because if this is not stopped there will be civil unrest in this country and quite possibly civil war!

Have you read the Devils Tune? If so, what did you think of it?

Please feel free to elaborate in anyway on any topics that arise in answering these questions fully.

With many thanks

Miss Elizabeth Feeney &

Mr Joshua Christian






  1. rainbowwarriorlizzie says:

    Low and behold, we actually received the letter today, after reading. Yet again the tyrant avoided the questions we put to him and passed the buck as usual to IDS to whom we have written and sent a similar letter so it should be interesting what he has to say if he reply’s! Meanwhile we keep putting the pressure on and get the word out where it matters. In Solidarity!! 🙂

  2. john watkinson says:

    I write all the time to him and that’s all I get as well

    Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 19:15:04 +0000 To:

    • rainbowwarriorlizzie says:

      Glad you are still writing to Mr Cameron, Keep the pressure up!! We are also writing to all our local representatives being our local District Councillors, County Councillor, Local MP, MEP’s and House of Lords. You can write to your representatives via just put in your postcode!! We have the addresses for Ban Ki Moon UN Secretary General and ICC in Hague if you would like them can post for you. Keep up the good work! In Solidarity!! 🙂

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