South East MEPs +++++

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South East – surely someone has written to Nigel Farage???

Well, yes they have!!

Thanks millions to Rainbow Warrior Lizzie, not only all the MEPs but also:

District Councillors:Jamie Scott, Dereck Greene, Rose Prowse

County Councillor: Martin Todd

MP Steve Brine

House of Lords: John Prescott

I am overwhelmed!!

Let’s hope it gets some replies.

Daniel Hannan
Nigel Farage
Richard Ashworth
Sharon Bowles
Keith Taylor
Njri Deva
Marta Andreasen
James Elles
Peter Skinner
Catherine Bearder

Daniel Hannan

P O Box 99

Telephone: 00 322 284 5137
Fax: 00 322 284 9137
EU Office: +32 22 845 137


Electoral Area: South East
National Political Party: Conservative Party
European Group: European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR)

Biographical details

Constitutional Affairs (Member)

Nigel Farage

Co-Chair of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group

The Old Grain Store
Church Lane
Nr. Littlehampton
West Sussex BN17…

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