BAN THE BEDROOM TAX! PROTEST – Organise protests 5 April – Axe the Bed Tax now!

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Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets!


Ben Justice –

Organise protests 5 April – Axe the Bed Tax now!

Sixty people from 25 areas and campaigns met on Saturday in Birmingham and agreed on 5 April as a day of co-ordinated protests around the country demanding End to the Bedroom Tax and benefit cuts in 2014. April marks one year (too many) of the vicious Bed Tax and other benefit cuts.


Fighting evictions: Manchester Federation led a discussion on, with a v helpful briefing.

Pre-1996 Rule: Joe Halewood from Liverpool explained it and how to use it.

Details in notes attached.

Also see  and   Other info:Draft letter on Pre-1996 claims from: Survey on impact of Bed Tax:



25 January 12 noon Peckham square Peckham high street. London Se15

1 February  National Pensioners Convention Dignity Action Day – local action 

12 February  Ian Lavery MP 10 parliamentary minute…

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