AN OPEN LETTER: To Anyone Who Will Listen! Please Share!! Your Councillors, County Councilor, Member of Parliament, MEP Members of European Parliament, House of Lords HOL at

Posted: January 19, 2014 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

Dear Candidate/MP/MEP/Councillors/HoL,
We are all very please to see that you are running in the European Elections and wish you every success. So our supporters can make an informed decision when they vote next May we would like you to clarify your personal feelings when it comes to the benefit reforms sweeping this country. To help with this would you please answer the following questions as clearly as possible.

Do you feel the benefit system in the UK is fit for purpose? How could it be improved and what problems does it have?
Do you think ATOS should continue to administer the work capability assessments? Does the number of decisions overturned on appeal worry you? Do you believe ATOS should be fined for their performance delivering public services?
Do you support the implementation of an Unconditional Basic Income granted to all citizens? Could you explain your position and what kind of evidence would prompt you to change your mind?
Do you know how many suicides took place in 2013 linked to the administration of benefits in the UK? How many suicides could take place in a year before you would call for an urgent review of the administration of benefits in the UK?
What do you feel the function of benefits are in a society? Which is the greater problem in society, benefit fraud or tax evasion? Have you even claimed benefits? Does anybody in your family?
Do you believe there is a relationship between income inequality and social problems such as violent crime, obesity, mortality, health, literacy, drug addiction and family breakdown? Are you committed to reducing income inequality and how?
Have you or anyone in your family ever lived in a council property? Do you support the bedroom tax?
Could you live of £53 a week? Have you read the Devils Tune?

Feel free to elaborate in anyway on any topics that arise in answering these questions fully.

Many thanks
The Undersigned


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