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Here are the Christmas and New Year payments…

There are different dates for Christmas and New Year…

Payment Due Dates:

24th December (Christmas Eve)

25th December (Christmas Day)

26th December (Boxing Day)

Payment to be made on 23rd December.

27th December & 30th December (Northern Ireland Only)

Payments to be made on 23rd December.

New Year Payments Due

1st January 2014 to be paid on 31st December 2013.

2nd January 2014 (Scotland Only) to be paid on
31st December 2013.

Here is the gov link

  1. rainbowwarriorlizzie says:

    Our ESA & Incapacity payments are due on 25 & 26th December, so our payments will be made on the 23rd December, thank the Lord, so we can buy our Christmas Dinner. We spent our last £21.84 this fortnight to Reserve a Place for just £21.84 Crisis at Christmas. Each homeless person whose place we reserve receives.


    A Hot Meal
    A meal with friends is just for starters, providing people with the chance to relax in a secure and happy environment.

    One in three homeless people spend Christmas alone.
    Loneliness erodes self esteem and makes people become introverted and unhappy. For many guests, Crisis at Christmas is the only time of year when they are called by their name.


    A Health Check
    Many guests have severe and chronic health problems.
    Everyone at Crisis at Christmas has the choice of a health check.

    Specialist Services
    These include TB screening, dental treatment, podiatry,
    eye tests and hairdressing. Guide are also provided with
    practical health advice on detox on nutrition.

    Specialist Advice
    Support for those with dependency issues is on hand,
    plus advice on detox services.

    Special volunteers help guests find good quality, temporary
    or long-term accomodation.


    New Skills
    Crisis provides a range of opportunities for people to develop new
    skills. We hold workshops, taster courses and guests can meet our
    employment team to help prepare and find a job in the new year.

    New Hope
    Simply having a convesation with a vollunteer can make huge
    difference to someone. New clothes and a hair cut enable people
    to leave Crisis at Christmas with a new confidence and their heads held
    high. 86% of people who said theym visit Crisis at Christmas say the experience has made
    a positive impact on their life.

    Reserving a Place at Crisis at Christmas for someone who is homeless
    costs just £21.84. They’ll get much more than just a hot dinner.
    Each place you reserve will also give someone an introduction
    to Crisis year-round health and wellbeing, education, employment
    and housing services, for training and support in the year ahead.
    Please reserve a place at Crisis at Christmas, and help
    someone leave homelessness behind for good.

    Reserve a Place for just £21.84!

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