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I along with all of you are fed up to the back teeth with the Govt lying about the families who are affected by The Bedroom tax, and how they are the same as the private sector now, and that is one of the main premises for the Bedroom Tax being brought into effect. One rule shouldn’t be for one and not for the other. Well I completely agree David Cameron, for once. So in light of that fact I have released a new petition and need your help please EVERYONE xWe as campaigners/sufferers/concerned members of public know the truth but want to make sure that everyone knows the facts/truth as well as us. Actually the Govt have treated the private housing sector very differently from the social housing sector.Every tenant prior to the release of the Local Housing Allowance on the 7/4/2008 is exempt from being affected by the Local Housing Allowance, and as such I believe then that every tenant who is affected by the Bedroom Tax should have the same grace.

No matter what their circumstances


In our survey results a huge amount of tenants took their tenancies before the Bedroom Tax came into effect on the 1/4/2013, so surely they should be exempt ( like private sector gets)

This petition is to educate/ embarrass David Cameron for not knowing his own policies/to stop the Bedroom Tax being a cash cow for Govt/safeguard the majority of affected until we get it abolished

Help me make this happen x

If they deny us, I have a solicitor and will take this higher for discrimination

Welcome to the second tier of,


Love and Respect as always

Jessica x

Every Social Housing Tenancy Before 1/4/2013 To Be Made Exempt (Like Private Sector) – e-petitions

Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions We are calling for every tenant affected by The Size Criteria Rule (Bedroom Tax), with a Social Housing tenancy commencing before 1/4/2013 to be made exempt.
  1. rainbowwarriorlizzie says:

    Jessica Mccarnun: The main idea is to get the Bedroom Tax scrapped and gone for good, due to the survey we are running around 85% of people are actually pre 1/4/2013 most have had their homes for over 5 years, majority 10 years+

    I believe this is the smokescreen as we all do for all the welfare changes and want to keep on top of it by proving to the public that the ones who intro’d it to society, know jack about it (for want of a better phrase x x

    The idea is, get it to 100,000, debate in parliament, they wont pass it, but it will cause a public outcry and they will lose mass votes for 2015 because it will prove they are untrustworthy and plonkers.

    Next step when they do not grant exemption because lets face it, it’s a cash cow for Govt (which we all know x x )

    We can then have a field day with them in court x x x

  2. rainbowwarriorlizzie says:

    Jessica Mccarnun Our aim with all of you has always been to get rid of this vile and disgusting rule x don’t fear al I am doing is playing them at their own game x x

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