‘Herding’ vaccine theory a complete hoax and failure

Posted: November 28, 2013 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

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‘Let’s start off this “probe” by defining herd immunity, or “herding,” in a different context, other than the vaccine theory that almost everybody knows, and think about where the concept really comes from, then we’ll know where all of this is really heading. In economic literature, herding means that, under certain conditions, humans flock to each other rather than making independent decisions or acting on their own beliefs.

What seems like perfectly rational behavior can turn out to be decisions based on propaganda, like when a lot of investors buy a “popular” stock to inflate the value, only to fool the masses with their “bull rush” that becomes a huge “stock dump” shortly afterwards. The “data” presented to these “herds” fits a specific paradigm rather than some challenge or intelligent decision. The motivation with vaccines is different though, the core theory is to NOT gain something, and that something…

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