Fighting Adversity #Disability #ESATribunal Assessment #Story

Posted: November 28, 2013 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized


ATOS Miracles

this shows how important it is to ensure that your assessment is recorded:

“Hi could you please post this anon – and TY! x:

Had my ESA medical yesterday. This is a new claim after only being given 6 pts last year which was upheld by tribunal. Have read up a lot on what to do but actually didn;t need most of the advice – the best pieces of advice I got is: ASK FOR IT TO BE RECORDED! & get your doctor to confirm that reg’s 29 & 35 apply to you & get referrals to a specialist for EVERYTHING you can before your medical!…

I could not believe the difference!! I was in there for over an hour – not the 20 mins like last time! I was asked NONE of the trick Qs like: do you watch tv, read, have pets etc etc – again…

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