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Why Evolution Is True

I’ve been remiss finding animal cams this year, but reader Christian called my attention to a good one from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.   The cam, which you can see livestreamed here, shows a cheetah mom and her five cubs, born at the Metro Richmond Zoo October 6. (The cam operates 24/7.)

They’re only five weeks old, and adorable:

An article in the paper today describes the situation:

Lions and tigers, male and female, will hang out together and breed. Cheetahs are different. If a male and female are together all the time, the thrill is gone. For the female, “it’s like living with their brother,” Meeks said.

In a section of the Richmond zoo closed to the public, Andelin got the feline vibe going through an elaborate process that involved putting two males in an enclosure, where they left their scents, then removing them and putting Lana in that…

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