‘I will freeze this winter… like a lot of others.’

Posted: November 11, 2013 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

How many will have to die this winter due to the Welfare Cuts, Housing Cap, Bedroom tax. Extreme poverty, not enough money to feed themselves or heat one room to keep warm. What right has this government to play with peoples lives like this. Is an abomination of Humanity. Sick, Cruel depraved. It is up to us to make sure we look in on our neighbours and those less fortunate and who need us. even if its more blankets, spare coats, gloves, hats, boxes of store food sit with your neighbour and make them a mug of hot sweet tea and be of company for a couple of hours keep checking. God Bless. May the Lord give us all strength and courage over this coming winter. Prayers, Love n warm Hugggs xxx

Benefit tales

So many distressing stories from people suffering from a whole raft of cruel and inconsistent  welfare ‘reform’ measures hitting the poor. I see many of these stories each day. All I can do is help these voices be heard by a few more people. Here are three selected from one single day on facebook.

From the facebook page  ‘disability and Benefits Support – don’t go alone’

getting really angry with atos iv been waiting since march to be assessed and still they say its because of were i live and the back log iv then rang the esa and said is there anything they can do as iv been waiting 32 weeks and still on assessment rate to be told make a complaint grrrrrrrrrrrr and what will making a complaint do sweet f a so i rang bk to atos and the women on the phone said be lucky ur…

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