Finnish kayaker saves drowning owl

Posted: November 11, 2013 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

Why Evolution Is True

Like the evening news, I always like to end on an upbeat story, particularly one about rescued animals. PuffHo reports a Finnish kayaker whose story originated at the Finnish-language link below. The PuffHo puffery:

Whoooooo’s that in the distance?

That was the question on Pentti Taskinen’s lips when he was paddling out on Finland’s Lake Tuusula on Sunday. Once his kayaker got closer, he noticed that the moving figure jutting out of the water was not an otter or another marine mammal, but an owl.

Fearing the bird would die of hypothermia, Taskinen rowed closer and helped the owl onto the front of his kayak, Finnish daily newspaper Ilta-Sanomat reports.

. . . After the owl climbed aboard, it cuddled up to Taskinen and nestled itself partially under his life vest while he paddled back to shore. (Awww.) Once the bird — believed to be a northern hawk owl —…

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