Reader’s Recipes: Ema’s Spoonie pearl barley and mushroom risotto

Posted: November 8, 2013 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

Cooking on a Bootstrap

I was sent this recipe by my friend Ema, who has taken the time to test my recipes and adapt them to be ‘Spoonie friendly‘ and emails them over to share – I will be publishing them all as I get them, so to find them, type ‘Spoonie’ in the search bar. Ema is a daily inspiration to me, and her recipes make me so proud.
Spoonie-friendly risotto worked out at 67p, serving 2 maybe 3 portions. Inspired by your slow cooker risotto using pearl barley I thought I’d try my own. Costed out using sainsburys.
Pearl barley 70g – 8p
Arborio rice 40g – 9p
Half an onion – 13p
5 or 6 mushrooms – 30p
Half a stock cube (used a whole one in mine & it’s a bit salty for my liking) -1p
Teaspoon worth of Mustard – approx 3p
Generous dessert spoon of soft…

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