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In the fall of 1988, Ronald Reagan was still president, hobbled by the Iran-Contra scandal after he circumvented a Congressional ban on aid to the Contras in Nicaragua through illegal dealings with the Khomeini regime. There were about 680,000 people locked down in US jails and prisons, up 90% from the beginning of the decade. Vice-president George H. W. Bush had won election to the presidency, notably through the use of the racist “Willie Horton” attack ad on the Democratic nominee. A new “British invasion” of white-power rock like Skrewdriver was catching on among Nazi boneheads in the U.S. And in Los Angeles, the first issue of “Turning the Tide” appeared, published by People Against Racist Terror (PART), on the occasion of the revived trial of Tom Metzger, head of the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), for a triple cross-burning conducted by WAR and allies from the Nazi party…

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