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I along with all of you are fed up to the back teeth with the Govt lying about the families who are affected by The Bedroom tax, and how they are the same as the private sector now, and that is one of the main premises for the Bedroom Tax being brought into effect. One rule shouldn’t be for one and not for the other. Well I completely agree David Cameron, for once. So in light of that fact I have released a new petition and need your help please EVERYONE xWe as campaigners/sufferers/concerned members of public know the truth but want to make sure that everyone knows the facts/truth as well as us. Actually the Govt have treated the private housing sector very differently from the social housing sector.Every tenant prior to the release of the Local Housing Allowance on the 7/4/2008 is exempt from being affected by the Local Housing Allowance, and as such I believe then that every tenant who is affected by the Bedroom Tax should have the same grace.

No matter what their circumstances


In our survey results a huge amount of tenants took their tenancies before the Bedroom Tax came into effect on the 1/4/2013, so surely they should be exempt ( like private sector gets)

This petition is to educate/ embarrass David Cameron for not knowing his own policies/to stop the Bedroom Tax being a cash cow for Govt/safeguard the majority of affected until we get it abolished

Help me make this happen x

If they deny us, I have a solicitor and will take this higher for discrimination

Welcome to the second tier of,


Love and Respect as always

Jessica x

Every Social Housing Tenancy Before 1/4/2013 To Be Made Exempt (Like Private Sector) – e-petitions

Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions We are calling for every tenant affected by The Size Criteria Rule (Bedroom Tax), with a Social Housing tenancy commencing before 1/4/2013 to be made exempt.

Dear Readers,

We would all like to take this time in thanking everyone for all your overwhelming comments and support. As you would have read that Simon has given all the details involved and proof concerning the elderly man who was evicted from his home by a private landlady, which is very true, as Simon has all the proof as he was witness to the eviction. We have endeavored to answer mostly of the comments, with the huge amount of comments running into thousands which we did not expect at all. We are not journalists at all, we are ordinary disabled activists campaigning on the grassroots, telling it as it is in our back streets so to speak and getting the word out where it matters! We get hundreds of emails a day from the sick, disabled, vulnerable in despair asking for help.  As this happens each and every day and the mainstream media refuse to report, as the media in most forms are Torified. But, many of you say Cameron is not to blame, we beg to differ, as it was Cameron, IDS, Osbourne who indeed set in place that the private landlords can do what they wish, and can charge what they like, no matter to the tenant, whether they be sick, disabled, elderly, vulnerable, low paid etc…and they don’t give A’TOS.

There are over 70+ sick, disabled, terminally ill, unemployed, vulnerable people who die each day who drop through the safety nets. They have been pushed into suicide as there is no way out as there money has been cut, with no money for food, no heating, no care, housing benefit caps and bedroom tax, due to the governments cruel welfare cuts, specifically aimed at the sick, disabled, poor, vulnerable people in society right across this country, and thousands upon thousands made homeless due to the dreaded Bedroom tax with no help and support and as Simon says this is happening each and every day right under your noses and in your back streets and back yards. This is why Simon wrote his article, as it is Simon and his amazing team who go out each and every day giving hot meals to the homeless and needy in Norwich, where the elderly man was found homeless after being thrown out of his home. But we all know the story, and the full details as we were all given. Thankfully the man is re-homed by his local council, and The People’s Picnic who work with the homeless each day in the Norwich area, they will be in contact with him and no doubt there will be any further updates if need in The People’s Picnic group on Facebook.

We would also like to take this time to thank Simon and Karen and all those at The Peoples Picnic and their team who do amazing work going out every day feeding the homeless and providing clothes and blankets, more so with the extreme me cold temperatures for all those who need their help on the streets in the Norwich area. In times of universal struggle there is no point looking at the top for answers, we need to start looking in the mirror. We believe its time to converge, unite and take action! This could begin simply with not judging each other so readily, checking on an elderly neighbour, lending a smile or helping a stranger, or for us ‘The Peoples Picnic’ it’s about delivering food to the homeless, less fortunate, less visible but often the most needy amongst us! ONE PEOPLE, ONE STRUGGLE!

Every Tuesday and Saturday at Haymarket Norwich 8:00pm we distribute food to the homeless and needy in the City of Norwich. Making and handing out pasta, sandwiches and other food stuff that have been donated by fellow local residents.

We are looking for donations of blankets, clothes and especially food stuffs which will help us to help feed the ever growing homeless on the streets in our community.

If you wish to donate any winter clothes, coats, scarves, hats, gloves etc…blankets and food stuffs, please contact Simon Farrow or Karen at The Peoples Picnic.

We have had a lot of interest in what sort of food stuff people can donate which is fantastic..
So here is the list of stuff we use regularly, however also will use whatever we get….Bread, butter, cheese, cheese spread, sandwich spreads, eggs, tuna, chicken, ham, bacon, sausages, mince, meat and veg for stews, pasta sauces, noodles, mayonnaise, sausage rolls, cakes, soft drinks, crisps, choccy biscuits, stock cubes, salad stuff and fruit. We were lucky to receive a chest freezer so we can accept cooked, fresh or frozen food items.
Other items such as foil takeaway containers, plastic forks/spoons, re-sealable sandwich bags, dog food, gloves, scarves, hats, sleeping bags are all greatly appreciated.
Money donations can be made via paypal to, every penny counts and goes directly towards food for helping those in need!
.·:*¨¨*:·.Thank you for your support!.·:*¨¨*:·.
.·:*¨¨*:·.You are all AWESOME.·:*¨¨*:·.


          karen says: November 27, 2013 at 12:08 am

The Peoples Picnic would like to state that although we agree with the majority of Mr Simon Farrows account..His views on immigration and foreign aid are his own and not shared by the peoples picnic..We help anyone in need regardless of race, religion or nationality…

With Many Thanks


Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Eradicates Children, Not Polio

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Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets!

‘In the depths of cyberspace lurks a press release written by the CDC, confirming that the OPV, or oral polio vaccination, given to millions of children throughout the developing world, is causing them to develop vaccine-induced polio.

Instead of banning the vaccination, as one would expect, the CDC has decided in its wisdom that the best way to tackle the problem is to maintain a high rate of vaccination in all countries!

Yes, that is correct. The CDC recommends maintaining a high rate of vaccination, vaccinating as many children as possible with a vaccine that causes polio.’

Read more: Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Eradicates Children, Not Polio

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Words From Christ – The Nag Hammadi – The Nag Hammadi Library

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Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets!


he Gospel of Thomas Fragments from Oxyrhynchus

Prologue and Saying 1 (pOxy 654.1-5)

Coptic version of same saying as found in the Nag Hammadi manuscript: These are the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymos Judas      Thomas wrote down.  And he said, “Whoever finds the interpretation of these      sayings will not experience death.”

Saying 2 (pOxy. 654.5-9)

Coptic version: Jesus said, “Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds,      he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule      over the All.”

Saying 3 (pOxy. 654.9-21)

Coptic version: Jesus said, “If those who lead you say to you, ‘See, the kingdom is in the sky,’      then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then      the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of…

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Do One Brave Thing!

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Vox Political

David Cameron seems to have created quite a stir with his plan to restrict access to benefits for EU immigrants. Would he have made such a splash if it was widely known that, firstly, benefit tourism is a myth and, secondly, most of his ‘new’ measures are already in place?

The BBC has reported that Cameron is “proposing powers to deport homeless migrants and cut rights to unemployment and housing benefits”. This is simply not accurate.

The ‘proposal’ to stop out-of-work benefits being paid after six months unless a claimant has a “genuine” chance of a job is already enshrined in UK law.

Take a look at the Citizens Advice Bureau website, which states quite clearly: “If you’re looking for work and have registered as a jobseeker at Jobcentre Plus… you will … have to take the Habitual Residence Test [to prove residence in the UK] and prove…

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Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets!

Street Democracy writes:

The technology entices the sleepy into believing it’s all good, yet the more programs we download the more information the evils can get hold of. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was to aid your own personal development, but its not.

Activity recording will inform them of your movements, how much energy you are using, what your diet is, when you eat, when you sleep, have sex or drink alcohol. Your life is not your own now, but this will allow strangers to monitor and judge your health according to your activities.

This information, valuable and intimate will be used against you. It is the real you being exposed and if you don’t complain about your bad back, or your ailments regularly down the phone, you don’t suffer from it.

Maybe then you’ll be accused of lying to claim sickness benefits, or they’ll use it to take…

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