YOUR BRITAIN ONLINE: NEW BOOK: ONE NATION: Power, Hope, Community. Edited By Rachel Reeves and Owen Smith.

Posted: October 31, 2013 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

One Nation: Power, Hope, Community

In a new book published by Labour, eleven newly elected Labour MPs describe what One Nation means to them. It begins with work, family and the local places people live in. It is about having a sense of belonging and community, and a politics that shares power and responsibility with people. And it is about national renewal: ending the living standards crisis, and reforming the state and the market in order to rebuild the economy. With contributions from Rushanara Ali,  Kate Green, Lilian Greenwood, Tristram Hunt, Dan Jarvis, Shabana Mahmood, Catherine McKinnell, Gloria De Piero, Steve Reed, Rachel Reeves and Owen Smith.

Download for free the new book One Nation: Power, Hope, Community. Edited by Rachel Reeves and Owen Smith.


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