The Versatile Blogger Award …..

Posted: October 31, 2013 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

Congratulations 🙂

Moorbey'z Blog



I received this award a couple of weekz ago and just getting around to doing what iz required of me. I’m honoured and humbled at tha same time.

Now to give honourz to tha blogger that thought my blog waz worthy of thiz award, mad respect to my komrade Doctor Rex. If u have not checked out here blog please do

Now that I have accepted thiz award I must play it forward to other well deserving bloggersz



Display the Award on your Blog.

Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who nominated you.

Present 15 deserving Bloggers with the Award.

Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.

Post 7 interesting things about yourself.


                                                                                  Seven thingz about myself 

I am tha oldest of 4 children. 3 boyz and 1 girl and my sister iz tha baby of tha crew.

I  burn a…

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