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“All Washed Out & Preparing For Our First Campaign”

Dear Readers, 

Well it has been the wettest and windiest autumnal storms in 25 years, which has aggravated both our Spinal and Cervical Root Nerve Pain which is chronic so we are working from our bedside over the next couple of weeks. We are both concentrating on our new Labour Membership and planning our first Campaign which is exciting but also a lot of work but together we can do it as we normally do.  After our first Labour meeting on the 17th October 2013, we have been working hard with new things in the pipeline.



Being a member of the Labour Party can be what you want it to be. We want you to be involved in whatever way works best for you. Our members do all sorts of things. They help make our policy, stand for election, campaign locally and attend social events. This is your opportunity to influence the political process, have your say and shape the future direction of our party and our country. Whatever you choose to do, thank you for being involved.

This booklet is a short guide to how you can make the most of your membership. With the ground campaign for the next general election underway, there are many ways in which you can help today to get Labour back into power in 2015. Take a look at our guide to getting involved and joining Team 2015.

Our task is to rebuild Britain as One Nation, where everyone has a stake and no one is left out. I believe that we are better and stronger when we work together to overcome the odds and that’s what being a member of the Labour Party is all about.

Thank you for your support, and best wishes.

Ed Miliband

Leader of the Labour Party.


We want to find out more about our members. To take the time to listen, to find out what they care about and what they believe in. This way we can help you make the most of your membership.

These are the questions I was asked…

My Name: Lizzie Feeney

Q1. What prompted you to join the Labour Party?

A. d. Had Been Thinking About it for A While:

I defected from the Liberal Democrats after 12 years, in 2010, as they have done so much for our community and our ward for 26 years. In a heavily Conservative riddled and dis-eased City, brainwashing the people as always with their lies and deceit. When the Conservatives wormed their way in and played dirty as usual and won by default!!! They had it on their schedule to try and shut down our only pub, where playing dirty was the name of the game by way of harassing the punters of the local pub in the high street & questioning the local punters to try and cause trouble. Then there would be police cars turning up in the pub car park taking down all the number plates of all the cars and motorbikes, making it blatantly obvious what they were trying to do, whilst us locals were there watching them. Their aim was to have the pub knocked down and they had a meeting with a view to build 14 houses and other shops etc., which as a community we did not require, and the community was fully opposed to. It was money and greed that took hold with no thought to any of those who were affected by this.

Whilst a group of us locals decided to take up a petition and campaigned with the Lib-dems who were with us all the way. It got to the point that when polling day arrived we thought ‘yes’ we had nailed it. But, the slimy and spineless Conservatives pulled the rug out from under the landlord’s nose and slapped a planning notice outside the pub.

They took over our ward for the first time in 26 years and finally closed down the only pub in our 4000 head Estate which we tried desperately to keep hold of with the full support of the Lib-dems that year, but to no avail :(. We endeavoured to knock the Conservatives off their soapbox, but they played dirty and won by default as usual!!! Then everything went pear-shaped with the new Conservative & Lib-dem coalition in 2010 when they came into power by default yet again which was and is a sham, and when the Con-dems as they are well-known for started to cut benefits IDS or Iain Duncan Smith and George Osbourne started making their intentions clear and Cameron did nothing but stand back and let his cronies bring this country to its knees by privatising everything. For example, the total abolishment and breakdown of the Welfare State, NHS, Royal Mail and what ever he thinks of next. Then I felt it is time to start supporting the opposition, firstly to stop the other two getting in. But, things got so much worse when it all affected us and our friends and family, my fiancé and I. We decided we could not just sit here and watch it all unfold. We had to do something, even though we had already been writing our blog sites Human Rights Political Journal which was recently changed to Human Rights  & The Siege Of Britain Political Journal. As we are both now working together and a force to be reckoned with, and we have not looked back.

It was on the 18th October 2012 when Josh was forced to attend his first WCA or Work Capability Assessment, we were forced to attend this face-to-face assessment under duress and in chronic pain and had to travel at least 20 miles to the assessment medical centre in Southampton. I was forced to witness my fiancé being purposely manhandled by the so-called (HCP) or “Health Care Professional” and I use this term loosely!!. I was able to write everything down with a view to appealing the decision which was ‘fit for work’ when it was blatantly obvious that Josh could hardly move and was in excruciating pain and was bed bound for a week after his ordeal.

It was after then we sought advice from the CAB to make an immediate appeal. It was during this time we were finding out how many more thousands of sick and disabled were being forced to go through this humiliating process. Then reports started coming through on the Disability Movement that thousands were dying during this horrendously cruel ATOS process.

We started contacting our Brother in Arms Mr Michael Meacher MP, who had already started with many other MP’s across this now shattered and broken country to receive hundreds and thousands of horrendous and humiliating experiences with the French IT firm ATOS, who the government employed at the price of £112 Million or thereabouts, with a view to specifically strip every benefit claimant of their benefits including that of the disabled, sick, terminally ill, poor and vulnerable people in which ever way possible, no matter what the consequences and how it affected the people. In the first year of Conservative & Lib-dem rule they have systematically murdered 10,600 disabled, sick, poor, unemployed and vulnerable people where they were forced into extreme poverty with no food for months on end, no money to pay rent, no money to keep themselves warm, which in turn pushed them into suicide as their care was cut, their housing benefit capped, food going up and even low paid families not able to cope with the cuts.

Basically this depraved and tyrannical government has in its third year set out on a course of Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide of the disabled, sick, terminally ill, poor and vulnerable people across this country, which is not acceptable, for this government will have to stand in front of the LORD, the European Declaration of Human Rights and International Human Rights Courts for their hate crimes upon HUMANITY. It was then UN Special Rapporteur Ms Raquel Rolnik came to the UK to see for herself the atrocities caused by this dictatorial government. The government became hostile and aggressive as did the media of course. The Truth Hurts does it not!

So this is why I have joined the Labour Party as I believe that ED Miliband is going to be the Man to do the Job with the country behind him. Before this country goes into Revolt & Civil War. The disobedience started back in 2011 with the riots. It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to be the hardest thing to do to rebuild this country over the next few years and to end the corruption, but together as a nation as ONE NATION we CAN make this a better place and WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!!

Q2. Tell us how you want to get involved?

A. a.c.e.f. Generally I will give my support. I will get involved in local campaigns and elections, including telling on Polling day, leafleting and stuffing envelopes, meeting new like-minded peoples and to discuss party policy and current events. Also, being a disabled activist in the disabled grassroots movement, campaigning and giving a voice for all the disabled, sick, terminally Ill, poor and vulnerable people who need us.

Q3. What do you think is the most important issue going into the 2015 election?

A. All of the issues are important, but the most important are WELFARE & BENEFITS and the COST OF LIVING to be more specific. We all know the damage that Iain Duncan Smith has done to the DWP. We also know how many people have been affected by the Bedroom Tax, the Benefit Cap, ATOS and the dreaded WCA. We all know the system he is using to terrorise people is ILLEGAL, according to the Supreme Court. He has also EMBEZZLED 228,000 people out of approx. £130 million. In relation to crime what should happen for justice not just to seem to be done but exacted is for IDS to be put on trial and made to made to pay back every benefit claimant he has embezzled personally and out of his OWN pocket! This also goes for the rest of the coalition. The whole system is corrupt and needs to be reformed in order to make it fairer and clearer for everyone. Also, the re-nationalisation of ALL public utilities, for example, all the electricity companies, gas companies, water companies, The Royal Mail, the NHS, just to name a few. The rail network is another one. The education system needs reform, but not in the the way Michael Gove wants to, what with the debacle over several free schools recently still in the press.

Immigration is another area that needs reform, but in the right way, not in the way that Theresa May would like to, as in the scandal last year of the UK Border Agency not doing proper checks on everybody entering this country. The Banking system is corrupt. Simple. It needs reform. If done correctly, employment and the environment can be mutually beneficially to each other. For example, we all know that fossil fuels are running out and that the way forward is renewable energy, such as wind turbines, tidal or wave power, solar power and the like. The problem is that most politicians, namely conservatives, have a vested interest in these particular companies and will do anything in their power to keep the status quo. That needs to change and NOW! Otherwise there will come a time when all the lights will go out on UK plc. because we can’t pay our bills. If we can embrace these new technologies it could potentially bring thousands of new jobs in that sector and also the opportunity for people who have been made redundant to re-train to work in this new and vibrant opportunity.

Q.4. Would you consider getting involved with any of the following?

A. Sharing a campaign on-line is going to be the best way, being disabled, getting out and about is becoming difficult and especially with the stairs, and now the autumn is upon us and winter is on its way. The cold and damp cuts into the bones and nerves from the inside out. However, delivering leaflets in our local small estate could be an option on a good day using both walking sticks. Telling and stuffing envelopes I have done before and happy to do so.

We would enjoy coming out to different local labour social events but unless it is in Winchester and Eastleigh, elsewhere would be a problem travelling outwards unless there was transport or we would have to travel by taxi only locally as we are unable to afford venturing further out.

My fiancé and I are disabled with Spinal and Cervical Root Nerve Problems and Sciatica, my fiancé has bad knees and is unable to walk far and with ongoing treatment and deep seated problems with his joints, is unable to go far at all. So the best way for Josh is to generally support The Labour Party and to discuss party politics and current events. As Josh has re-joined The Labour Party after 14 years, when he was involved with The Labour Party in Lincoln. Meanwhile, we would be happy in sharing Labour Campaigns on-line and getting the word out as much as possible.

Meanwhile, we are keeping up the good work and good fight for all our Brothers and Sisters in Austerity and Hardship In Solidarity!!!

By Rainbow Warrior Lizzie & Joshua Christian

(Labour Disabled Activists)




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