SICK OF PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTANDING OUR PAIN…By Rainbow Warrior Lizzie 27/10/2013

Posted: October 29, 2013 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

Written and Copyrighted (c) 27/10/2013 By Rainbow Warrior Lizzie 


When you have to

live with chronic pain.

The pain that becomes 

debilitating. Living with

spinal lumbar and cervical

root nerve pain, which

to only describe best

like a corkscrew going

through bone‘, is arthritic

the best of times.

When the chronic pain

is unseen and invisible

by others in pure APATHY,

blatant disregard and

IGNORANCE. The mockery

and victimisation becomes

despair, anxiety, depression

and acopia, when we are 

unable to cope any longer.

When tears become a

lake of burden, a lack 

of self esteem, self worth.

When the Light at the

end of the tunnel,

becomes a fallen spark

of life. Lord I ask of thee

for courage and strength

to carry on each and

every day.

To guide us Lord, like

the Star of Bethlehem,

in the warmth of your

wondrous love and Grace.

Let the warmth of the 

Sun shine down upon

my aching bough ~

Praise the Lord

Father of ALL.

Bring forth the light

stream into our hearts

and comfort me by

thy Rod and Staff.

Fulfil the lives of many,

thousands upon

thousands who ask

of you Dear Lord,

for thy healing

Grace, Love We Pray

Let It Be So…AMEN

Written & Copyrighted (c) 27/10/2013 By Rainbow Warrior Lizzie (Disabled Activist)

  1. Paul Jackman says:

    it getting me mad that the gmcuk can just let doctor andron mohammed off with killing part of my heart and this government as covered all this up its disgusting and barbaric it show little people don’t have a say disgusting

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