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Dear Journal,


“Welcome To The Labour Party Winchester Membership”

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Labour Party Elizabeth, I am delighted that you have joined us. Attached below is your new membership card with the details of your local party contact. They would really like to meet you, so I hope you can find he time to get in touch.

There are many different ways to get started: you can dive straight into policy debate: add your support to a campaign;  meet with other members or even get ready to stand as an elected politician. Whichever you choose, there’ll be something to suit you.

From the way we campaign to the way we make policy, we’ve been changing in order to meet the challenges ahead and regain the country’s trust. We’ve been working hard to reconnect with the people in our communities and to shape our policies around their needs. Why not take a look at our new policy hub at to see some of these changes in action and have your say?

Labour’s mission is to rebuild Britain as One nation, where everyone plays their part. Our vision is of a country where everyone has a stake, where prosperity is fairly shared and where we preserve the you, we can flight to turn this country around.

To get in touch with us go to or call us on 0845 092 2299.

Thank you

Iain McNicol

General Secretary



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