MY IB CHANGE OVER TO ESA NIGHTMARE BEGINS “The Infamous Brown Envelope” 31/07/2013

Posted: August 23, 2013 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

Dear Journal,


“The Infamous Brown Envelope”

Today is the day that I received what is known as ‘The Infamous Brown Envelope’ and today is the day I start my fight for being genuinely disabled and will not lay down to die, and will be a force to be reckoned with, for I have my fiance, the Lord and Holy Spirit with me, in Jesus name AMEN!




Dated: 17/07/2013

Received: 20/07/2013

I knew my time would arrive, and have started to prepare my case indeed. As I have been sorting through all my medical notes which are many, all my appointments, tests, x-rays, MRI’s, ct scans, epidural, cortisone, etc…and lots more besides ongoing from 2006 for my degenerative and compressed lumbar discs and sciatic severe nerve damage and from 2010 my curvature cervical spine, degenerative, compressed C4/5, C5/6, C6/7. Severe C5/6 narrowing bone, degenerative, compressing C6 root nerve, fusing warranting a major operation. Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion with Graft.

After receiving my brown envelope the stress that hit me was intense I broke down in tears. I receive a phone call from Jobcentre Plus on the 25th July afternoon. Knowing that the stress, anxieties, chronic pain going through Josh’s WCA, The Lies, the physical pain caused by Josh’s ATOS, DWP & WCA nightmares. We have now received Josh’s Appeal thank the Lord so Josh can put his case across, and fight this all the way.

Whilst Josh is going through all his own medical notes etc…and I have amended the evidence I witnessed all through Josh’s WCA before and after. Whilst going through all those papers and writing my recent DLA Award Letter dated 11/07/2013 to commence on the 09/08/2013, into my blog journal, of keep up to date with all communications, and gathering all my evidence as and when or if it is required, better to for warned is to be for armed so they say. Although it is early hours and I have just finished writing, copy & paste the FORM ESA50 so I can prepare myself or these pathetic questions. Even though I read amd witnessed my dear fiance’s Atos nightmares and preparing to go to Appeal on the 14th August 2013, 6 days before my pre-op mri examinations as I am on a waiting list for a major op on my cervival spine. To be totally honest, I can feel the anxiety bubbling up with my blood pressure and asthma. After reading this darn ESA50 Form as these questions are about the lowest of the low, in all my years working in the public sector and Caring profession, I have never felt so ‘humiliated’, and all I can see when I am preparing these pathetic questions I can see that its gonna go the same way, which I am terrified as if I am too stressed and anxious or I have an asthma attack, this could very well hinder my pending operation, which could be any time. I could get a phone call to be ready on the day or the day before, although we have no date as given as yet, there could be a cancellation. Meanwhile, I am putting this down for now as its gonna end in tears before I sleep, God Bless.

There is a saying…’What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’, so very true. Babe I Love You, we will get through this and come out stronger, we are a force to be reckoned with the three in one, LORD God our Father, His Son, Jesus Christ and the HOLY SPIRIT.

Dear Lord, I ask of you, guidance, strength, courage in these testing times and help us to get through this. We hand these over to you Lord as you know what is happening. Give us your Love and Grace and guidance each and everyday in your wisdom. Let the Holy Spirit flow through us and around us. Place a hedge around us of your tallest and strongest angels, protect us in your divine grace and majesty, dear Lord I ask of you in Jesus name Amen!

Rainbow Warrior Lizzie & Joshua Christian

  1. Faith and your inner strength will get you through this. Break it all down into small bite size chunks that can be dealt with on their own. Have a filing system to file each chunk in and a list to put a lovely big tick against. Some days do nothing. Ask for help from those who have gone through this before. Remember you CAN DO this it is just another pain in the arse chore. Give as much evidence as possible, use their terminology whenever possible, keep it in personal . Hate the politicians not the poor sap compiling this, make it easier to find in your favour with medical terms, notes, scans etc. Sorry if I am stating the obvious but these guidelines have helped me. Love, peace and gratitude for what I do have. Padraig.

    • rainbowwarriorlizzie says:

      Blessings Padraig may your day be blessed in every way have just about got there indeed, I have finished wring the final draft and Josh is typing out the anwers continued on separate sheets, at least 21 pages A4 plus amenments. Then we colate dverything place in envelpoe yea!! There are at least 36 plus medical documents of evidence to back up my answers to photocopy, and that will be done and dusted, Praise the Lord. We then hand over to the LORD and get on my blogging and writing, I have started my third manuscript of Poetry and Prayers, yes with Gratitude for all that we have and all we are gifted by our Lord. We are truly blessed join us in prayer as we hold all our brothers and sisters across this country the sick and disabled, vaulnerable meek and lowly, as we join all join hands in prayer for Love, Peace, Courage, Strength, Faith and Hope. Big huggs. Sister and Brother in Christ Lizzie, Joshua n Daisy May puss cat Purrrrrrr In Jesus Name Amen

      • Awesome, sounds like you have a lot for them to chew on. If you provide evidence and reason more likely to go your way. Keep a complete copy and in my opinion it is worth spending the £1.50 ish to get it recorded delivery if you can and keep that receipt with your paperwork. DWP have a good record with me but other departments deny getting mail from you, the receipt proves them liars! Good luck and positive vibes winging their way to you, we need to stick together and support each other. May the spirit of the universe watch over you.

  2. Blessing Padraig, yep we got there all we got to do now is the photocopying and post recorded delivery tomorrow morn yea. Yep, they sure have a whole load of reading to do, will give them something to read on their coffee break, for sure. Am having to get an A4 padded envelope to fit it all in lol as you say the more evidence they havd the better, going back to 2006 and 2010 and we have used their terminology and reverse psychology. Have taken on board and listened to the Clerk of the Tribunal at josh’s Appeal hearing last week. Josh was awarded 18 points, more than the ‘nil point’ the so called ATOS Health care professional, I use the term loosely. As what witnessed was horrendous, I wrote 6 A4 pages of evidence to back up Josh’s case. Well Padraig, its time for a well earn’t coffee n chocie biccies the morn, before I go and let the chooks out and gather the fresh eggs. Have a blessed day, may the angels be around you. Blessings, Peace, Love, Faith n Hope. Sister n Brother in Christ Lizzie, Joshua n Daisy May puss cat Purrrrrrrr Big Hugs.

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