Detestable, beneath contempt – Cure supporter’s latest vile tactic

Posted: June 11, 2013 by rainbowwarriorlizzie in Uncategorized

In Solidarity!!


I doubt I have seen a more vile, cowardly thing.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a sick, and sickening, incident in which a ‘Cure the NHS’  (Cure) member or sympathiser had attempted to blackmail a university into silencing one of its students, who had been drawing attention on Twitter to the weaknesses and inconsistencies of Cure’s claims and behaviour.

This student has a criminal past – one not to be proud of, and of which he is not proud – consisting of a single, and now spent, conviction. But it’s a past which is absolutely irrelevant both to his studies at the university and to the validity of his comments about Cure’s claims and behaviour. But a letter was sent to his university, threatening to ‘out’ the case to the media if the university did not muzzle the student.

I called this tactic malignant and cowardly…

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