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God Bless I wept when I read this and fills my heart with tears and grief. I have spent most of my life caring and looking after peoples within the NHS before my spinal problems became disability. And thank this doctor for her support and ask our LORD God to show us the way forward in this and raise our GP’s who are supporting their patients who are having to take on ATOS and the WCA those who are lucky enough to have a very supportive GP. LORD let us bring all our GP’s to you Lord to bring them in your strength and conviction to help and support all their patients who are having to face this inhumane, demoralizing, undignified, humiliation of these cruel Work Capability Assessments. And I hold all the people sick, disabled, meek and lowly, vulnerable for your Love and Healing Lord, guide them in your Grace and Majesty. I ask of you LORD AMEN 😦

Diary of an SAH Stroke Survivor

Via Guardian Comment is free.

I see work capability assessments damaging patients struggling with mental health issues and serious illness

Anna Pilkington

I had not seen Eileen for some time, until a few months ago when I was asked to phone her. She sounded distressed, confused and frightened and did not understand what was happening to her. She has been a patient of mine for 10 years and over time, I’ve tried to help her cope with her mental illness. A few years ago her mental health had deteriorated so much that she needed to be in hospital.

All her benefits had been stopped, Eileen explained, and she was in arrears with her rent. She was assessed by Atos, a private company employed by the government to carry out what it calls the “work capability assessment” to decide whether people receiving incapacity benefits should be sent back to work. Eileen…

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  1. leonc1963 says:

    A sad reflection of times is it not Lizzie that our parliament can treat it’s citizens with such disdain. Thank You for taking the time to read my blog and reblog the content. I will now add this blog to my blogroll

    • rainbowwarriorlizzie says:

      Blessings and prayers n warm huggg s Leon. I follow you kind self, Jonny V and Mike on Vox and others on FB do a lot of networking to keep people aware of whats going on and how to help in any way, solidarity. My fiancé and I have a page on fb “V For Vendetta: Fiction or Reality”. Each day I wake and breath sending prayers and holding us all up to the Lord. Awesome, will add this blog to my blogroll too. If you feel to write a prayer or any other you may wish to share please do sweetie. We will bring this Government Down, SATAN WILL NOT WIN!!!!!!!! Keep the good fight Brother Leon and Take care of you yea. Blessing n Huggs 🙂

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