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Think Left

The UK is not broke and doesn’t need to borrow to reverse the cuts. The video clip explains this simple truth about the US economy, but it is also true for the UK and all other countries that issue their own currency. The Eurozone is different because each EZ country uses a foreign currency, the euro… and (whatever David Cameron says) Ed Balls and Gordon Brown prevented Tony Blair from signing the UK up to that particular disaster.

George Osborne’s economic policies and cuts are ideological choices which hit the most vulnerable for the advantage of the super-rich and the multi-national corporations which will/are benefiting from the privatisation of our public services. The cuts are not fair:

Picture 37

A fair society: How the cuts target disabled people.

And the cuts are not necessary:

MMT Movie: Economics for Dummiez

Created by @HaikuCharlatan Published on Jan 15, 2013
MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) Basic…

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Diary of an SAH Stroke Survivor


It is very rare that society believes the state should intervene against someone’s will to restrict their rights to liberty and choice for the good of their health. We don’t go to such extremes to stop people smoking or binge-drinking or participating in dangerous sports. But if someone has a serious mental health problem or lacks mental capacity to make decisions for themselves, we accept that the state should step in.

In the case of a serious mental health problem, the law is designed to balance the rights of the individual with the need to protect them from harming themselves or others. Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, ‘patients’, families and politicians all agree on one thing – being detained under a section of the Mental Health Act is a last resort and it’s a power that should be used carefully.

Ask anyone who’s ever been ‘sectioned’ and you’ll understand why. It’s…

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Pride's Purge

(satire – sort of)

Coalition government ministers have agreed to back down on plans to introduce a bedroom tax in cases where a household can prove a spare room is necessary for essential needs such as making billions from flogging over-priced coffee to people on the high street or selling millions of books and electronic goods on-line.

The news of the exemption comes after the government’s reform of the tax system was widely branded unfair when it was revealed it would hit the most vulnerable households – such as international high street coffee chains and multibillion online retail companies – the hardest.

A spokesperson for the government explained the reasons for the change of heart:

We recognise that it would be wrong to penalise cases of real hardship where spare rooms are being used for essential things such as making billions from selling people rubbish coffee.

That’s why we’ve decided to…

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10:22pm Wednesday 30th January 2013 in Winchester Photograph of the Author By Andrew Napier

New solutions to homelessness, meeting in Winchester hears New solutions to homelessness, meeting in Winchester hears

HOMELESSNESS is getting worse but hope could lie in the power of love, social media and good food, a meeting heard tonight.

The event, organised by the Winchester Churches Nightshelter, heard the recession continues to drive up numbers of people without a permanent roof over their heads.

But it also heard Peter Cockersell, director of health and recovery at St Mungo’s homeless charity in London, say that a lack of love was a major barrier for the homeless. “Everyone needs to be the sparkle in someone else’s eye,” he said.

He said he thought there was a shift in thinking in the search for answers.

Mr Cockersell, also a Winchester resident, said psychotherapy, to deal with the “compound trauma” that most homeless people have experienced, was showing signs of success.

“But people are a bit afraid of using the word ‘love’. There is increasing recognition that people who become chronically homeless are coming from a different background to someone who has had a economic life event. There is more we can do to help people recover,” he said.

The internet could also be a way of helping to end the sense of isolation for many homeless people.

The meeting also heard that research by Ali McKay, the Nightshelter’s food coordinator, showed the importance of nutritious food in maintaining people’s health.

Food could help engender a sense of community, help with skills building such as cooking and budgeting.

Held to mark Homelessness Week, almost 100 people attended at the Winchester Discovery Centre.

Michele Price, Nightshelter manager, said a new advocacy service was successful, with volunteers accompanying shelter guests on visits to GPs or the Job Centre.

The recent cold weather had seen campbeds erected in the normally 17-bed shelter to allow more people to stay.

Meanwhile the nightshelter now has a twitter account: @winshelter.

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Vox Political

Why are the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms – the companies at the heart of every major scheme for tax avoidance – being allowed to make the law on – guess what – tax avoidance?

Could it be because our comedy Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his part-time Chancellor, Gideon George Osborne, are both either tax avoiders themselves, or have strong connections with tax avoidance? I think it could.

Cameron’s family made their fortune by establishing a tax dodging empire after Margaret Thatcher abolished capital controls in 1979.

And there was a major campaign by 38 Degrees to get Gideon to pay his taxes after Channel 4 revealed he was paying accountants to help him dodge £1.6 million in tax payments every year.

The firms implicated – PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC, Ernst & Young, KPMG and Deloitte – received a damning verdict from Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee today. An internal HMRC study estimated that these…

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Dear Michael Meacher MP,

Here is an Incident I experienced in my local shop at 16:52hrs 30/01.2013. Winchester, Hants.


On this beautiful sunshine day, brisk cold winters day, winds which slice through your bone and nerves. We needed to get to the local shop which is a 5 minutes walk for an able-bodied person. The electric meter was in the red with 15p left to push it over into the emergency. So, I took the trolley and meter key for a slow sciatic waddle, but first I had to conquer the communal stairs of many. Step by step holding onto the rail to steady myself as pain allowed. We live in a first floor flat, which is a nightmare for both of us, my fiancé and I.

With all the windows shut and the temperature in the flat and the two of us shivering trying to keep warm with the heating on. Was only 19C  brrrr, thats cold. After making my way down the stairs holding the rail to steady myself and trying to maneuver through the heavy front. I had to walk the long way today because the steps at the cut-way was too daunting, plus some pathetic moron dumped a load of black oil at the bottom of the steps, which is lethal. Once more the council and housing association are not interested.

20 minutes later and having to stop every 20m due to the knives which where sticking in my lower back and sciatic nerve dancing down my thigh the brisk wind against my every step I got to the local shop and it was full of children, the little monkey’s running around and being a general nuisance. I picked up the basket and tried to move up the short narrow aisle and the little boy stopping me from passing and trying to push through which almost caused me to loose my balance and twisted my back. I managed to get round to get the essentials we needed for tea. The basket was extremely heavy which I had great difficulty shuffling across the floor not one person in that shop offered to help. When I got to the counter, there was a Nursing Sister in front of me with a herd of kids who kindly moved so I could get through and when I got to the counter I tried to lift the basket to the counter which was at least 3 1/2  – 4 ft high. When I went to lift the basket I could feel my back go and when I asked for help no one would help, the new counter assistant could not understand much English and had as much customer care as a neanderthal. I managed to lift the basket up past the sweets and crisps at two levels and the heave up to the counter where the till was. Be the my sciatic nerve had bounced down my leg and was in excruciating pain. Everyone in the shop looked at me as if I was a LEPER I felt sick with pain and was holding back the tears and my blood was boiling up too. To top it all when I eventually got back home 30minutes later having to pigeon step home with a stop every two minutes to take hold off the pain. I got to the front door of our block of flat and my neighbour was just coming through the door, he asked if I was okay and I was in too much pain and near collapse he could see. He actually stopped and watched me having the heave the heavy trolley step by step and did not even bother to ask if I needed help, nor he offer to take my trolley up to the top of the stairs. When I got to my corridor my fiancé heard me in the corridor and I collapsed in his arms o n tears, sat me down and unloaded the trolley and  took my boots off and was fuming when I told him this story of events. I am beside myself that all these years I have given to help others within the NHS and not one person would bat an eyelid and they look at you when they see you are Disabled you can feel there glare and there thoughts burn into you when you walk past.

A divided Britain where the Sick and Disabled are considered Lepers which should be starved and herded into one place where as far as they are concerned they can be left to die and rot.





If you wish to contact me on

Yours Faithfully

Elizabeth Feeney, Miss

ATOS/ DWP & WCA TESTIMONY‏ (Our Letter sent to Michael Meacher MP)

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Dear Michael Meacher MP,
Hello my name is Joshua Christian and here is my story of what happened to me at the hands of ATOS & the DWP concerning my WCA.
On the 14th June I was awarded ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) and was taken off JSA (Jobseeker’s Allowance). The reason why is because although I had been sent to A4E as part of the Work Programme I had severe difficulty in walking as the nerves in both of my knees are shot to pieces as well as the lower part of my spine, particularly what is known as the Sacral Spine & Coccyx region. I have had this condition since I was born and as I’ve got older it has got progressively worse to the point where I have to use two walking sticks to get about along with using a Coccyx Cushion to use whenever I need to sit down, which I cannot do for very long due to my spinal condition.
On the 18th October 2012 I was summoned by ATOS to attend the Southampton Medical Centre for a “Work Capability Assessment”. The “Healthcare Professional”, and I use that term very loosely, proceeded to twist both my knees without supporting which has led to increasing pain ever since. Also she damaged my spine even further by twisting that as well as both of my shoulders well  even though I was in severe agony and could hardly move. What made it worse was that my fiancée had to witness all this and yet was powerless to do anything as she was told not to intervene in any way.
Today, being the 17th of December 2012, I received a letter from the Newcastle Benefit Centre stating that my ESA had been stopped on the 22nd November 2012. Why they waited until now to put the knife in I don’t know. But one thing is for certain. I am not going down without a fight. I will not give in to these bully boy tactics that this “government” is using and if they want a war then they’ve got one because it is about time we all stood up to be counted and drove this government out of office!
If you wish to contact me my email address is as follows:
Well folks, today we had the worst news that my fiancée had his so-called ‘Medical Letter’ for ATOS, who ‘Don’t give ATOS’…As they have completely got it wrong, and have totally ignored all the facts given of my fiancée’s disabilities, and blatantly lied through their teeth, as when they were given all of my fiancée’s medical history and recent details and medical proof from his GP and Physiotherapist etc… they point blank refused and said they had no need for it and was not required and had nothing to do with his assessment!!! I was witness to my fiancée’s horrendous so-called ‘assessment’ and was appalled at the way he was treated. With this they changed subject and asked my fiancée to describe a usual day, what he could do and couldn’t. Not that it made a blind bit of notice whatsoever as they were not interested in my fiancée’s health nor the truth and the medical facts provided.
And promptly stopped my fiancée’s ESA stating that he ‘Is Fit For Work’ which is total ‘B*****t’!! Although he is unable to walk far without two walking sticks and two knee supports one on each knee for obvious reasons. Because his lower back, Coccyx is degenerative with wear and tear ‘Sclerosis’ which in turn putting pressure on both knees which are both shot anyway due to car accidents years back. As the nerve damage is chronic. Not only this but his damage to his left shoulder which keeps popping out of joint which does not go back in properly causing chronic pain that I have to help him when his disabilities are really bad. Even though my fiancée’s GP, and Muscular & Skeletal Specialist have signed him unfit to work and signed him off for 3 months with view to continue investigations and further appointment with the Orthopaedic  Consultant pending.
And when the so-called registered, medically trained assessor asked my fiancée to put both arms up above his head, he could only put his left arm up half way up before it clicked out with chronic pain and she still wouldn’t stop. The real damage she caused my fiancée is when he had to get up on the couch which was painful enough AND SHE COULD SEE HE WAS IN AGONY!! When she asked my fiancée to lay down on the couch whilst she proceeded to lift one leg off the couch with no support to his knee, and then went to lift his other leg nearest the wall when it the twisted with NO support, and cracked, not even his physiotherapist would have manipulated his knee as she did, and especially with no support, it was all I could do to watch this atrocity unfold and could not intervene as I was to be seen and not heard, I felt completely helpless and felt every pain my fiancée was forced to endure!!
We being very vulnerable at this time, looking to our future together, keeping the roof over our head and food on the table even though we are blessed, we REFUSE NOT TO LAY DOWN AND DIE!!! WE WILL FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS AS HUMANS and for a decent Life with Dignity and will Stand up and be counted for as we are a force to be reckoned with!!! IT IS TIME FOR ACTION TO FORCE OUT THIS TORY GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!
As for myself, I Am ex-Health Carer and was forced to give up a career in the ‘Caring Profession’, with severe spinal and cervical condition which has become a disability, Asthma, IBS, severe Anxiety and Stress caused by my ill health and the way us sick and disabled people are treated! I Hate being Ill! Am scared of being forced into a job I can’t do in the future, or having NO money at all and not being able to keep our roof over head or keeping the food on the table. as this darn Government/ ATOS/ DWP Have No care what they are doing to the sick and disabled people off this country. in fact they are making things worse with an unfair system and killing 73 sick and people a week, with their bulling tactics. I am severely p****d off at “I don’t give ATOS” about people like us, myself and my fiancée at one of their so-called “assessments for want of a better word “B******t. Having to sit at a so-called ATOS / DWP assessment to watch my fiancée be totally humiliated at the indecent, inhumane, indignity of the way he was treated by a so-called NOT “medically trained/qualified assessor” who actually did more harm, which scares me to the point of when is it going to be my turn coming to meet this total ATOS Humiliation!! Worrying that my severe spinal and cervical conditions will become arthritic within the next 5 years with already signs of arthritic back pain. After working for the NHS for 7 years caring for those who are sick and disabled, watching this atrocity unfold is sickening and perverse and my prayers are with all of us who are being affected by this in a word  “GENOCIDE”, it is truly a sad day for the UK!!
It is a Disgrace what this PM and his Underdogs are doing to sick and disabled people of this country while they swan around parliament claiming for expenses and snacking their way through their biscuit allowance, and feeding the rich and condemning the poorest people like us who suffer and worry about losing our homes, lives and dignity.
Its about someone stepped up to the plate to protect the most vulnerable in our society as clearly this government is only interested in acting childish, calling us names and bullying us. life is hard enough without any kind of illness or disability, being condemned for being sick or disabled!
Life on benefits there is no Life on benefits, only existence if you’re lucky!
Time too STOP THIS NOW and Get this Tory Government OUT NOW, for the sake of all the Sick and disabled People who find it very difficult as it is to cope!!
If you wish to contact me my email address is
18th October 2012. Attended by Mr Joshua Christian and Miss Elizabeth Feeney 
Witnessed by Miss Elizabeth Feeney
Assessment Letter received 18th December 2012.
These are the facts which were NOT included nor stated in their assessment.
NOTE 1. Where it says Mr Christian has provided copies of hospital letters etc… of his conditions which have been taken in account.
INCORRECT: As Mr Christian submitted all copies of his medical letters etc… But the assessor stated they were not required and did not take them. She was not interested and said they were irrelevant to this assessment!
NOTE 2. It says it was not possible to contact Mr Christian by telephone to discuss any further evidence…Which was untrue.
INCORRECT: Mr Christian gave all of his phone numbers on the questionnaire which was completed back in May 2012, and are on record. And on the form filled in pre-assessment.
NOTE 3. Yes, there are significant changes in Mr Christian’s conditions since his examination which has worsened by the examination, which he has had to report to his GP who referred him to a Skeletal & Muscular Specialist who examined Mr Christian and who on the 11th December has referred Mr Christian to an Orthopaedic Consultant (Awaiting Appt)
When the (HCP) examined Mr Christian she proceeded to twist both his knees, without appropriate support, (not even his Physiotherapist would do) we actually heard click and crack, which has led to increasing pain ever since. Also she has further damaged his spine even more by twisting his back during the examination. As well as both of his shoulders which was in severe chronic pain, he could hardly move throughout.
What made it worse is I, Mr Christian’s Fiancée and escort to assessment, who witnessed all this and yet was powerless to do anything as I was told not to intervene in any way. I had to support Mr Christian on the way back home as he could barely stand he was in so much pain, and was bed-bound & housebound for at least a week then after.
NOTE 4. Mr Christian can only mobilise with two sticks when outdoors and uses the walls and furniture as a prop and support within the home. And when needed I have to help Mr Christian to and from bathroom. Or to help out of a chair or sofa. Sometimes out of bed, when his back and knees are very bad.
AND…THE TRUTH IS: Mr Christian may go down to the local shop (NOT DOWN TOWN) If he needs a few bits. Which is very rarely! I, his fiancé has to help and support Mr Christian whilst in the home when he is unable to mobilise, to go to the bathroom and to get out of bed due to both knees locking up which is quite frequent. It is NOT just the ‘back of the knee’, as stated. In fact it is the whole of the knee which locks up with chronic nerve pain and nerve damage. If the assessor had taken the time to look she would have found that both of  Mr Christians knees when he stands with his knees together you can plainly see that they are off centre and to the side, which cause Mr Christian a great deal of constant pain, and causes his knees to buckle underneath him. He has to wear to knee supports to keep both his knee in place!!


NOTE 5. Mr Christian’s Muscles in his arms are not the problem as stated. He was not given enough time to be able to put his full case to the assessor as she did not seem interested. 

The Actual problem is that Mr Christian’s Shoulder joint, mainly the left, comes out of its socket regularly, and especially if he carries or lifts anything heavy objects, items, bags, etc…. And when if he lifts his arm so far it clicks out of joint, which excruciating, as I have witnessed many occasions, his arm goes dead with no feeling for about ‘half-an-hour’ or so. like it did on the assessment examination and witnessed. Also, when he lays down to sleep his shoulder dislocates which causes lack of power in his left arm.
Therefore Mr Christian would not be able to use a wheelchair.
NOTE 6. This is yet again Incorrect: As Mr Christian can only stay in one position for about 5 minutes at a time before having to shift his position whether sitting or standing for to long due to chronic pain in his Lower back (Lumbar) Coccyx and both Knees. Definitely NOT 1 hour as stated in letter.
NOTE 7. This is yet again incorrect: As Mr Christian could move his right hand/arm up to his head. But when he went to lift his left arm/hand to a right-angle to his body (up to his chin) his left shoulder joint dislocated and was forced to move his arm further even though I could hear the joint click out of joint! The assessor did not appear to pay attention to how much pain Mr Christian was in by this time. Even before , during and after the assessment. He even had to hold the table whilst at the assessment to be able to steady himself to be able to stand.
NOTE 8. This is yet again Incorrect: A Typical Day…Mr Christian was asked. Mr Christian is in chronic pain most days and night in constant pain. He is certainly unable to lift a computer tower or monitor it would cripple his back and knees and would dislocate his shoulder, even lifting his laptop! Which is hardly the same as lifting an empty cardboard box! He can’t even use the hoover! And can’t even stand long enough to do a full sink of washing up! When he sits to work on his laptop as a ‘Beta Tester’ as a hobby, he has to get off the chair every 5/10 minutes because of his back and knees, Nerve pain. And furthermore practically housebound most the time due to having great difficulties with the communal stairs.
Also, it was not mentioned at the assessment that Mr Christian has the onset of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) in both his wrists/hands through many years of computing/writing and using keyboard, for which he wears special Compression Gloves when using a keyboard and writing as his fingers are becoming Arthritic. Also, on both his knees Mr Christian has to wear supports as both his knees are both out of alignment and nerve damage due to an RTA many years back.
Also, Mr Christian has to wear a lumbar Back Support to support his lumbar and coccyx cushion for his coccyx when he sits down on a hard back chair/sofa, which helps to support his coccyx. Both his GP and Physiotherapist are aware and should have this in his medical notes.
I can safely say in my 7 years experience as a Health Carer in  the NHS before my back went in 2006 that sitting there observing this inhumane humiliation of this examination which sickened me to the way my fiancé Mr Christian was treated. Mr Christian was not given enough time to express in full his medical case in its entirety as Mr Christian was also in chronic pain before we arrived at the medical centre, which was noted by the receptionist ‘Maggie’ but was not it seems by the Assessor. The point that Mr Christian also has not been given the chance to say that he has a ‘Heart Murmur’ which affects him in the way that if he gets too cold or too hot his heart will stop. If he is put in any high stress or anxiety this too causes hyperventilation and hypertension. I have had to support my fiancé through these times too. This was diagnosed by a cardiac doctor back in 1999. Which should be in his medical notes. Just for the record Mr Christian’s heart has stopped 10 times within the last 20 years.
These notes are a true account as written 19th December 2012. My Account of Assessment Examination on the 18th October 2012.
Observed and noted by Miss Elizabeth Feeney 
Mr Joshua Christian &
Miss Elizabeth Feeney


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the void

vultureThe recent Demos think tank report – which suggests that smart cards could be used to prevent tenants falling into rent arrears when Universal Credit is launched –  is an astonishing piece of corporate blagging.

The report, which was funded by Mastercard, suggests that tenants worried about managing rent payments could have housing benefits loaded onto a smart card which they then use to pay their landlord.

This, they claim, will solve the problems that are likely to be caused by Direct Payments, which mean tenants can no longer have Housing Benefit sent to landlords.  Instead Demos suggest the money is given to someone like Mastercard, who then put it on a smartcard for the tenant, who then gives it to the landlord.  And Mastercard Demos then presumably want to charge either the tax payer, or the claimant, for the privilege of this completely unnecessary middle-man.

The obvious solution…

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My story is just one of many, & my pain is small, compared to many people’s suffering from health problems & government & media demonization of people with disabilities.

I learned a lot during some years in the ‘care’ system following family break-up, particularly after being robbed of my 11-Plus pass entitlement to grammar school by a psychiatrist working for Social Services; his skewed opinion meant that I had to start at the bottom of a Secondary Modern school, & go up in steps. Even though it was clear from week one that the top stream would be appropriate, I had to go up in steps, so it took over a year to reach the ‘A’ stream. There was some emotional & sexual abuse in the children’s home, but it wasn’t a hell-hole like many kids had to endure. In 4th year, I was fostered, & got a scholarship…

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